Saigon - "Color Purple" (Official Video)

Max B - "Money Makes Me Feel Better" (Official Video)

50 Cent chooses Tupac over Biggie

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Early in his career, the media tried to compare 50 Cent to the late rapper, Tupac Shakur. While 50 Cent was thankful of the comparisons, he said there would never be another Tupac. Growing up in New York, 50 Cent was a fan of The Notorious B.I.G. Like the rest of the world, he was shocked when both died.

In the time since their deaths, many names have come and gone. Along the way, many of those names have sampled a few of their verses and created songs with them. 50 Cent is among the artists who have done that. In 2003, he recorded on unreleased songs by both late rappers.

But, when 50 Cent was asked who he would collaborate with if he had the chance to, he chose Tupac. While he chooses Tupac over Biggie, 50 Cent admitted he is inspired by both rappers. At a time when hip hop was solely focused on the West Coast, Biggie was able to shift the focus back over to the East Coast, essentially opening the doors for the likes of 50 Cent and others.

Artwork Revealed for Wiz Khalifa's "Rolling Papers"

Kid Cudi leaves Dream On after Two Years

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Currently, Kid Cudi is at a transitional point in his career and he is making some changes. One person he has been able to count on to support his moves is Kanye West. Because of this, he has been a great fit at G.O.O.D. Music.

When he signed to G.O.O.D. Music, Kid Cudi also signed to another label, Dream On. For the past two years, Cudi has been signed to the label. But, he has decided it is time for him to leave and look for another situation.

Kid Cudi praised the team at Dream On, but said he needed a change that had nothing to do with them. In the end, Cudi wished them the best of luck. The plans he has for the future sadly do not involve them, but he will remain with G.O.O.D. Music.

Juvenile gets arrested in New Orleans over the Weekend

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The weekend did not go as planned for Juvenile. Over the past few weeks, Juve has been working on new music. Now signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, Juvenile is recording his new album. He has not talked about it, but the label wants him to reunite with his old Cash Money crew.

In 2009, Juvenile reunited with B.G. and Lil Wayne. The three had planned to do more work together. However, their plans were thwarted when Lil Wayne was sent to prison. When he was released, Lil Wayne jumped right back into his own projects and the projects of Young Money.

Outside of the music, Juvenile has caught some unwanted attention. While driving in New Orleans, Juvenile was pulled over and his vehicle was searched. In the car, they found drugs and his suspended license. Both are major offenses and Juvenile was quickly arrested. He was pulled over for doing 75 mph in a 65 mph zone. Juvenile was released on $750 bail.

Juelz Santana gives Remy Ma credit

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj taking over the newsfeeds, many have overlooked Remy Ma. During the time before Nicki Minaj debuted and when Lil' Kim had legal troubles, Remy Ma held down the female rap game. But, when she landed in her own legal trouble, Remy Ma was sent to prison.

For four years, Remy Ma has been in prison and her songs are hardly even played on the radio anymore. While Remy Ma has been in prison, other artists' prison bids have been highly publicized. T.I. only served seven months, as did Lil Wayne. But, every step of the way, they were documented.

Recently, Juelz Santana has been having trouble with the law enforcement. He discussed Remy Ma and her troubles and he praised her. Juelz feels Remy Ma is actually tougher than most men, as she has served four years straight in prison and is still fighting to be released. Every step of the way, Santana is pulling for her release and he praised her for maintaining her sanity while behind bars.

Birdman talks Jay-Z's "H.A.M." diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since 2009, Birdman has been challenging Jay-Z, warranting no response. First, he said Jay-Z did not deserve an award for The Blueprint 3. He felt his "son," Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, was a better album.

Jay-Z is known for being the ultimate rap businessman. Many rappers have modeled their business skills after Jay-Z. Birdman had something to say about that, too. For over a year, he has claimed he has more money than Jay-Z.

After letting these slight jabs pass for nearly two years, Jay-Z decided to respond. When he teamed up with Kanye West, Jay-Z saw a wide open opportunity to put the "best rapper alive" and his "father" in their respective places. On the "H.A.M." song, Jay-Z called them out over their "baby money"

Birdman denied having any beef with Jay-Z and said he would continue to spend his "baby money." He recently added that he has several business ventures going with Cash Money, he owns several cars, and he has money stashed away. While he many not have as much money as Jay-Z, Birdman does have money, some call it "baby money," but he calls it Cash Money.

Waka Flocka Flame gets nude for PETA

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he announced he would be modeling for PETA, Waka Flocka Flame shocked the hip hop world. Flocka said he loves the animals and he wanted to stand up for them. Because of this, his fans jumped behind.

Last month, Waka Flocka Flame shocked fans again when he announced he would be going nude for the campaign. After the response, a PETA spokesperson spoke about Waka. They said celebrities often volunteer to get nude, they are not forced.

With all of the shock in the past, Waka Flocka Flame has started the campaign. Recently, the rapper took some nude pics for the organization's "I'd Rather Go Nude..." campaign. The ad has already been released in some places.

Grandmaster Flash robbed at the 40/40 Club

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It seems as if no one is safe in today's times. Regardless of what a person has done in the past, it does not protect them from the present. Yesterday, hip hop pioneer, Grandmaster Flash, ran into a bit of trouble at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club. The legend was robbed at the upscale club of all places.

Grandmaster Flash had a show at the Manhattan 40/40 Club and used his laptop for the event. He used the laptop for most of the night, but when he was ready to leave, it was nowhere to be found. Upon discovering his laptop was missing, he released the news on Twitter. It has been an epidemic of theft recently.

Flash said he does not care how he gets it back, as long as he does get his laptop back. He said the computer holds valuable information he needs back. In an effort to get the laptop back, Grandmaster Flash has offered a reward to anyone who has his laptop because he needs it.

Is It Safe to call Lil Wayne a Legend?

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

"The next time ya mention 'Pac, Biggie, or Jay-Z, don't forget to mention Weezy baby," Lil Wayne said three years ago. After spending three years on the mixtape scene, Lil Wayne released Tha Carter III during the summer of 2008.

The album was met with mostly positive reviews, but was not viewed as a classic by many. Instead, the album was looked at as Wayne going pop. While that may have been true, it was hard to deny the obvious lyrical improvement Lil Wayne made.

In the time since Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne has released three more albums. This summer, Wayne plans to finally release Tha Carter IV. Over the years, fans of the New Orleans rapper have been ready to crown him as a legend in the game. Lil Wayne has made great strides, but when thinking of all of the people who have picked up a microphone, is he truly a legend?

Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. are hailed as two of the greatest rappers of the newest generation and many up and coming rappers do their best to impersonate them. In the aftermath of their deaths, Jay-Z capitalized. Jay-Z is known as one of the wittiest rappers in the game and he showed rappers how to turn their talents into a business. With his business sense paired with his lyrical ability, Jay-Z earned the right to be called a legend.

Lil Wayne has definitely emerged as one of the top lyricists in the game. But, the rap game has been dwindling for years. More and more often, rappers boast about being able to make millions without even being good at what they do. Had Lil Wayne debuted when Tupac and Biggie were at their peaks, would he even be viewed as a decent rapper? At the time, hip hop was taken much more seriously than it is now and the game was truly competitive.

For today's times, Lil Wayne has done exceptionally well. In a matter of months, he made international superstars out of Nicki Minaj and Drake. The Young Money name was not taken seriously when Wayne first announced his own label. Now, with several artists recording and making hits under the name, it is the biggest force in the game. Lil Wayne has made himself the most marketable name in rap and he has taken a page from Jay-Z's book and built a solid team around him.

Over the course of his career, Lil Wayne has been impressive. But, is it safe to call Lil Wayne a legend?

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Foxy Brown confronts the Rumors again

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Throughout her career, Foxy Brown has been involved in several rumors. She has spent the majority of her career battling with Lil' Kim and losing for the most part. But, with Kim's recent erratic actions, it is Foxy speaking with sense. Much like Lil' Kim, she is working on a comeback, but she is sticking to the music.

While Foxy Brown is trying to allow the music to speak for itself, she is running into complications too. First, her "Christmas Massacre" was ruined by personal problems and later leaked online. Later, she was rumored to have been thrown out of a New York fashion show for being intoxicated.

Foxy Brown has already taken the time to clarify the rumors, but she has felt the need to address it again. Brown said the security team was with her the entire night and she was sober. Indashio, the headliner of the event, and a top designer, is a close friend of Foxy's. The two have been close for years and she would never show up drunk to one of his events.

When she arrived at the event, Foxy Brown said Indashio quickly pulled her away and the two talked for a little while. Brown went on to say she was not drunk because she does not drink. Furthermore, she feels it is absurd for her to lock herself in the bathroom when she was an invited guest to the event. Foxy Brown went on to say how she finds the entire story to be funny. There are no photos or videos to back up any of the things that were said to have happened.

New Video of the Day: Dr. Dre ft. Eminem - "I Need a Doctor"

Ray Hu$tle filming "Bad Girls" video

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The independent hip hop scene is rapidly growing, as rappers are learning how to take care of themselves. Ray Hu$tle is among these new crop of rappers. Currently, the Detroit native is promoting some of his new music. In an effort to help promotion, he is filming a video for his "Bad Girls" single.

For those who have been following Ray Hu$tle, they know this song is a sharp turn in his style. Because he is a growing artist, Ray wants to show some diversity in his songs. The response has been positive, so far for him. Regardless of the theme, "Bad Girls" has been very popular so far.

In Fayetteville, NC, Ray Hu$tle is currently filming a video for his new single. He is looking for some models and aspiring models to be in the video. The filming for the video will be a three-day event and he is definitely looking for some of the flyest women to be in the video. Aside from the music, Ray Hu$tle is also planning a minor tour sometime next month.

In the near future, Ray Hu$tle plans to release a new mixtape. But, he has the "Bad Girls" single for sell on several websites in the meantime.

Lil Wayne leaks "You & I" single from DJ Drama mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before going to prison, Lil Wayne released a new mixtape each week, so it was hard to miss him. Every year, since the release of his breakthrough Tha Carter III album, Lil Wayne has released a new album. His main method of promotion has been his mixtapes.

In the middle of his career, Lil Wayne took some time off and hit the mixtape scene. Among the many DJs he partnered with was DJ Drama and they recorded several mixtapes. It was on these mixtapes where people discovered he was one of the best in the game.

Even after propelling to the top, Lil Wayne has continued to flood the mixtape scene. But, since his return from prison, Lil Wayne has only released "6 Foot, 7 Foot" and his verse on "Fire Flame." This will all soon change.

Recently, Lil Wayne and DJ Drama teamed up and they have started recording his first post-prison mixtape and already have something for the fans. A snippet was released by Funkmaster Flex called "You & I," the complete song may not be released until later. But, it is likely Lil Wayne is off recording several songs for both his mixtape and Tha Carter IV. In addition to all of this, he is likely to be working on some videos too.

Throwback Video of the Day: Ludacris - "Number One Spot"

Kanye West lands in More Hot Water

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Right when it seemed as if Kanye West had put his career back on track, he got knocked off again. The Chicago rapper was doing great until the release of the "All of the Lights" single. First, Rihanna lies to a cancer charity to perform with West at the All-Star Game and then the video is critically-panned.

Critics have accused Kanye West of stealing the theme of the video from a French film. Fans have accepted the video and it has become a favorite. Despite what the critics have said, West's latest video was getting plenty of hits on YouTube. But, that will not be the case for too much longer.

Recently, the "All of the Lights" video was pulled from YouTube because it has caused seizures. Epilesy Action, a UK-based organization that promotes epiletic seizure awareness recently protested the video, saying the rapidly flashing lights could cause seizures. Because of this, the video was removed from YouTube and reuploaded with a disclaimer.

Things have been rough on Kanye West, but he is still going forward. Next month, he plans to release a collaboration album with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne, and then he plans to release his sixth studio album.

Rick Ross begins recording "God Forgives, I Don't"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With a good portion of the business taken care of, Rick Ross is back to doing what made him famous in the first place. Recently, the Carol City rapper has been working on his latest album, which is titled God Forgives, I Don't. For this album, Ross plans to continue his trend of recording with the stars.

Rick Ross has been busy over the past few months with the expansion of Maybach Music. Last fall, he bragged about possibly signing Wale. Earlier this month, he did just that and signed two more artists to his label. The rapid growth led to a bidding war, which included Jay-Z, Diddy, Birdman, and Warner Bros.

The bidding war ended when Rick Ross decided to enter a venture with Warner Bros. Now, he is free to get back to doing what led to the empire in the beginning. Despite all of the discussion about the title of the album and the theme, Rick Ross had not done much recording. A song with Drake, which was titled "Made Men," was released, but nothing more had come.

Ross has now backed this up with footage of him in the studio with DJ Toomp, as they are hammering out some new tracks for the album.

Lupe Fiasco considers Jay-Z reunion

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Through Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Jay-Z were properly introduced. Lupe Fiasco recorded on West's Late Registration album of 2005. The single, "Touch the Sky," was released in 2006 and became a hit. For many people, it was the first time they had heard Lupe Fiasco.

Jay-Z had the chance to meet him months prior to the recording of the album. Upon hearing him, Jay-Z was very impressed and he wanted to sign him to Roc-A-Fella Records. Despite many lucrative offers from Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco turned him down. Ultimately, Lupe Fiasco ended up signing with Atlantic Records.

Still, Jay-Z served as an executive producer for his debut album and they collaborated on the track, "Pressure." Food & Liquor ended up being a major success for Lupe Fiasco. While his second album featured the hit, "Superstar," it did not sell as well and Jay-Z had no participation. Jay-Z will not be involved with the upcoming Lasers album, either, but Lupe Fiasco is open to working with him again.

Recently, Lupe Fiasco discussed working with Jay-Z, admitting he enjoyed their previous work. Lupe said to never rule out him collaborating with Jay-Z. After all, Hov is still the Big Homie and Lupe Fiasco views him as a measuring stick, of sorts. Possibly on his next album, Lupe Fiasco will collaborate with Jay-Z.

Remy Ma fails with Appeal in 2007 Shooting Case

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

By 2006, Remy Ma had hit a peak in her career, as she was holding Terror Squad down. She was the only female rapper constantly releasing music. However, behind the scenes, things were not looking good for her. Fat Joe, the Terror Squad boss, was having issues with her.

The issues could not be resolved and Fat Joe had her kicked off the Terror Squad label. One clause in the contract said she can sign with any label she wants to, except for G-Unit. Remy Ma took offense to this, because Fat Joe recorded with anyone he wanted to.

At the time, Remy Ma and Lil' Kim were feuding with each other and Fat Joe still worked with her. Soon, Remy Ma had bigger issues than rap beef. Remy was soon in the middle of a shooting case in New York City. In 2007, she shot her friend when she discovered the friend had stolen $3,000 worth of jewelry from her.

Remy Ma has been serving an eight year prison sentence, but her legal team appealed. Their claim was that the jury was not properly informed before rendering a verdict. The appeal has reportedly been denied by the judge, meaning Remy Ma will continue to serve her time behind bars. In 2008, Fat Joe put the beef aside and offered his deepest sympathies to both Remy Ma and her family. She accepted his sympathies and thanked him, but they will remain estranged.

Foxy Brown talks Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For those new to hip hop, they may assume Lil' Kim is new to the game. But, for those who know hip hop, they know she is a veteran and no stranger to beef. Lil' Kim has been waiting for some time to release her comeback album. During the wait, Nicki Minaj saved the female rappers.

Long before Nicki Minaj even graduated high school, Lil' Kim was making music. Early in her career, she began feuding with Foxy Brown, a female rapper with basically the same style. Despite their heavy beef, they worked with many of the same artists. Lil' Kim has used Nicki Minaj for her comeback and Foxy has been riding her.

Recently, Foxy Brown openly discussed the feud and she offered a bit of advice to Lil' Kim. Foxy feels Lil' Kim should have kept her feelings about Nicki Minaj private. Over the years, Lil' Kim has had issues with several prominent females in the game. She has dissed Foxy Brown, Faith Evans, Charli Baltimore, and now Nicki Minaj.

Foxy Brown thinks Lil' Kim should have waited and let the people decide before she called Nicki Minaj out for stealing her style. Before Lil' Kim dissed Nicki, however, Foxy Brown had stated she was unimpressed by the Young Money femcee. But, with Lil' Kim sending so many diss records, Foxy has changed her stance in the feud. Now, she feels Nicki Minaj developed elements of her style from both she and Kim. Brown went on to say she does not find the feud "cute" and she said Nicki has been very respectful, for the most part.

DJ Premier talks Jay-Z vs. Nas feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ten years ago, the biggest subliminal feud in years had finally reached its peak. Jay-Z and Nas were two of the biggest rappers in New York City. Both rappers were fighting for position and looking to take each other out. On "Takeover," their feud was official when Jay-Z called him out.

Upon hearing "Takeover," Nas recorded the "H to the Omo" freestyle that called out the entire Roc-A-Fella crew. This led to Jay-Z adding two more verses to "Takeover." On the song, not only does Jay-Z diss Nas, but he also alludes to sleeping with the mother of his daughter.

When the full version of "Takeover" was released, many crowned Jay-Z the winner of the feud. But, Nas shortly returned with "Ether" and the decision was reversed. Looking back on the feud, many people have crowned Nas as the victor. In the years since the feud, Jay-Z and Nas have become good friends and frequent collaborators, but people still take trips down memory lane.

Recently, DJ Premier looked back at the feud and he said Jay-Z was winning until the release of "Ether." At the time, Jay-Z was the most popular rapper in the game. Because of this, it was very easy for him to bully other artists. Meanwhile, Nas was more like the older rappers in the game, rapping for the sport. But, when he was provoked, he recorded the most scathing hip hop diss record of all-time. Simply based off "Ether" and disregarding the following disses, DJ Premier crowns Nas as the winner of the feud.

Big Sean discusses "Watch the Throne," warns of Surprise

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Only weeks after the release of his solo album, Kanye West announced he was working on an album with Jay-Z. West was met with critical acclaim on his last album and wants to face-off with his mentor, Jay-Z, for an entire album. Jay-Z said Watch the Throne would be the first time he and Kanye West performed as equals.

Their collaboration album has caught the attention of many other rappers. Everyone from 50 Cent to Drake has given their opinion on the album. Ironically, 50 Cent supported the album and Drake accused the duo of stealing the idea from he and Lil Wayne. Last month, "H.A.M" was released to positive reviews.

G.O.O.D. Music artist, Big Sean, recently discussed the upcoming album. He said the listeners need to be on the lookout for more experimental records. "H.A.M." was a unique record and the two have more unique records in store to make up the album. After hearing some of the songs off the album, Big Sean said the rappers have some things people would not expect them to have on the album.

Saigon discusses "Soulja Boy-like" Album Sales

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Saigon can no longer complain about his album release date being delayed. Now, he can complain with the other artists about album sales. Over the past few years, hip hop sales have been down and the stars have not been pleased. Recently, Saigon released his The Greatest Story Never Told and it sold 12,000 copies in its first week.

Glad to finally release his album, Saigon was not even upset about the album sales. As far as he is concerned, he did well after waiting six years to put the album out. Saigon is now building an online following. With only 6,000 Twitter followers, Saigon has done very well with album sales. Saigon is very pleased with his sales, given his low online presence.

Saigon said he has done Soulja Boy numbers in only a week despite having 6,000 followers. Through his Twitter, Saigon boasted about his sales and asked the people to continue supporting his album. With little to no promotion, The Greatest Story Never Told still managed to sell over 10,000 copies in one week. Meanwhile, Soulja Boy had the backing of an entire major label and he only managed to sell 13,000 copies in one week. Saigon has been met with critical acclaim following the release of his debut album.

J. Prince confident in Cash Money reunion

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, fans have been wanting The Hot Boyz to reunite, as each member has gone in a different direction. During their peak, Juvenile was the most popular rapper in the crew. B.G. also had strong buzz, but Lil Wayne was nothing more than the sidekick of the crew. Even Turk had more buzz.

Juvenile has been in the game for years and he has gone through several record labels. He started his career with Cash Money Records, but left after a contract dispute. In recent years, Juvenile has been signed to Koch and Atlantic Records and is now with Rap-A-Lot Records.

J. Prince, the head of Rap-A-Lot, is confident he will be able to reunite the Hot Boyz. Now, he has plans of reuniting the entire crew. Juvenile said he was ready to do a reunion album, but Lil Wayne's prison sentence stopped things from happening. J. Prince has plans of talking with Birdman to see if Rap-A-Lot Records and Cash Money Records can unite to become one crew.

While Juvenile's album does not have a title yet, J. Prince is convinced it will be a classic. He wants the entire Cash Money crew to be featured on the album. Prince feels they were family once and they can be family again. Because he, Birdman, and Slim are all businessmen, J. Prince thinks they can work something out to have the entire crew on the next Juvenile album.

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