Game reaches out to 50 Cent again

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Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

At one point in time, Game was a part of the G-Unit crew. This period of time did not last for long. Soon, Game replaced Ja Rule as the biggest rival of G-Unit. Due to Game's inability to get along with the G-Unit crew, he soon found himself off Dr. Dre's Aftermath label.

From 2005 until 2009, Game recorded multiple diss records aimed at both 50 Cent and the crew. 50 Cent initially responded to the disses from Game, but he has since started to ignore them. In 2009, the feud appeared to be over when Game decided to officially end the feud. 50 Cent took advantage of this and dissed Game.

Upon hearing "So Disrespectful," Game re-ignited his beef with 50 Cent and offered to side with Jay-Z if he replied to 50. But, their feud never materialized and Game went on his way. Game often speaks about what G-Unit could have been had they remained together. But, when he last spoke about his upcoming The R.E.D. Album, he said the album could feature anyone except Jay-Z and 50 Cent.

However, Game decided to reach out to 50 Cent for the second time in two months. He has offered for 50 to get on the album, since it is produced by Dr. Dre, who has served as a mentor to both rappers.

Eminem makes $1 million off Super Bowl ad

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Last year was incredible for Eminem, as he proved to all of his doubters that he could still dominate. The Detroit rapper scored two number one hits and three anthems after releasing only three singles. Initially, he fought with his label over the concept of his album, in the end they both won.

Eminem sold over 2 million copies of Recovery and dominated the year of 2010. Early in the New Year, Eminem is still one of the most popular rappers in the game. It is currently unclear if he will be releasing a new album, but he has expanded the roster of his label.

Recently, Eminem landed a new business venture that will pay him $1 million. Eminem will be helping Lipton Tea during the Super Bowl. The company has paid Eminem $1 million to star in their ad, which will air during the Super Bowl next week. Eminem will be playing the role of a claymation figure and he will be providing his voice.

DJ Kool Herc has been Hospitalized and in Need of Financial Help

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Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Things are not looking too good for one of the men who helped establish hip hop. Ever since the 1970s, DJ Kool Herc has been making hip hop music. However, at the time, hip hop artists were not getting paid by the millions.

In the 1990s, DJ Premier rose to become one of the top DJs in the hip hop industry. One of Premo's main influences was Kool Herc. When he grew older, DJ Premier became friends with him. Recently, he informed fans that things are not looking good.

DJ Kool Herc has been hospitalized and he does not have any health insurance. With no insurance and the bills getting higher and higher, something has to give. DJ Premier has reminded the fans of all Herc has contributed to the hip hop game.

Fabolus says Ne-Yo album is On The Way

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Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When Fabolous first signed with Desert Storm, he was joined by a new R&B artist, Mike Shorey. DJ Clue tried his hardest to make the two into the next rap/R&B duo. The two created a few hits, but they never did break into the mainstream.

DJ Clue has been trying to build Desert Storm for years, but the label has not grown outside of Fabolous. Because of this, Clue has focused solely on Fabolous. When he made the move to Def Jam it was to make it easier for Fabolous to work with his associates.

The first move made was pairing Fabolous and Ne-Yo. At the start, the two made a hit with "Make Me Better." Fabolous made his first performance at the BET Awards with the song. He promised more music in the future with Ne-Yo.

In 2008, the two recorded with Jamie Foxx for his hit, "She Got Her Own" and their popularity soared because of the hit. Fabolous then announced he and Ne-Yo were going to unite for a best of both worlds-type collaboration album. Their album was supposed to come out sometime following the release of the solo album from Fabolous. The album has yet to surface and Fabolous is preparing for the release of his next solo album.

For the fans who have been following the news about the album, Fabolous said it is still in the workings. He plans to have the album ready for release sometime before the end of this year.

Cory Gunz' first choice was Shady Records

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since the days of Tha Carter III, Cory Gunz has been working closely with Lil Wayne. Last year, their partership became more solid when Cory Gunz signed with Young Money. Many artists before him have made that move.

Cory Gunz is now a part of the hottest crew in hip hop, but landing there was not his first choice. Instead of Young Money, Cory Gunz hoped he could land with Shady Records. While Young Money is hot now, Shady Records has a history of making hits.

Even if he had signed with Shady Records, Cory Gunz would have still worked closely with Lil Wayne. Cory Gunz had dreams of signing with Shady because he has always respected Eminem. But, he is in a great position and would not trade it for anything.

Will Jay-Z release a New Album in 2011?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In recent years, Jay-Z has been spending more time running his businesses than making music. Despite being considered one of the best rappers of all-time, Jay-Z said he was a businessman. Coming from the Brooklyn projects, Jay-Z had one of two ways to make a better life for himself.

Jay-Z spent most of his early adult years trying one way to build the life he always wanted. After spending eight years in the "crack game," he decided to enter the rap game. Lucky for Jay-Z, the fans fell in love with him. Many people looked towards Jay-Z for inspiration, as he pulled himself to the top.

From 1996 until 2003, Jay-Z released an album each year. Along the way, he made other stars through Roc-A-Fella Records. During this time, Jay-Z also branched out into clothing and film ventures. Even though he was the biggest face of the entire company, Jay-Z ran things behind the scenes the best that he knew how. But, following the release of his 2003 album, Jay-Z decided to hang the mic up for good.

In 2006, Jay-Z returned to the rap game and it was almost as if he had never left. His flow was a little different and he boasted more about his cash than usual. With the economy heading down in a fast motion, many fans were turned off by some of Jay-Z's lyrics. He would turn things around one year later with the release of American Gangster. After watching the Denzel Washington film, Jay-Z was inspired to record an album based upon his own life in the streets.

Following the release of his critically-acclaimed album, Jay-Z took some time off to reorganize his business ventures. In 2009, he returned with another critically-acclaimed album, The Blueprint 3. Last year, Jay-Z experienced all kinds of success. Jay-Z is mostly behind the scenes with most of his work. Roc Nation is his new company and the label manages and promotes some of the biggest names. Willow Smith, Rihanna, and J. Cole all released music for the label in 2010.

While Roc Nation has been doing well and Rocawear has been a steady brand for years, Jay-Z returns to check in on the rap game every now and again. This year, Jay-Z is already in the studio as he and Kanye West are recording Watch the Throne. Even after reaching the top of the mountain, Jay-Z still feels as if he has something to prove to the people who thinks he has nothing left in the tank.

Going BOHO....

"Boho" is an abbreviation of bohemian.Boho-chic is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, that, at its height in 2004-2005.
Features include "floaty" skirts (notably long white ones), furry gilets, embroidered tunics, cropped jackets, large faux-coin belts, sheepskin boots and cowboy boots, baggy cardigans, headbands and "hobo bags".

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Game admits RZA sued him over "Heartbreaker" song

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Game has returned to the spotlight over the past few days. Last week, he released his mixtape, Purp & Patron, which has become a success. The first single, "The Kill," has been accepted by Nas. Also, Game's mixtape has been co-signed by Funkmaster Flex.

Aside from "The Kill," one of the most popular songs on the mixtape has been "Heartbreaker." The song has been very popular with fans, critics, and other rappers. But, RZA was more familiar with the song than anyone else.

RZA filed an injuncion over the "Heartbreaker" song and forced Game to remove it from the mixtape. Game spoke about the situation, saying he found it crazy that RZA sued him. He said RZA sent him the beat and gave him his blessing to use it.

Initially, the song was going to be a part of The R.E.D. Album, but the sample was unclearable. Because of that, Game made it a part of the Purp & Patron mixtape. While Game was upset that RZA sued him over the beat, Game said there are no hard feelings. He has nothing but love for the entire Wu-Tang Clan, having worked with Raekwon on 2008's L.A.X.

Nicki Minaj launches "Pink Friday" app

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since bursting into the game, Nicki Minaj has maintained her focus on expansion. Currently, the Young Money rapper is celebrating the platinum success of her Pink Friday debut. For almost a year straight, Nicki Minaj has been dominating the game.

But, it has not been all smooth for Nicki Minaj. Last summer, veteran rapper, Lil' Kim began dissing her. After six months of being a verbal punching bag, Nicki Minaj responded. Now, Lil' Kim is recording a full mixtape of disses aimed at Nicki.

In response to Lil' Kim's news, Nicki Minaj has striken a deal with iTunes. She will be launching a new app called "My Pink Friday." The app will keep fans updated on everything Nicki Minaj. It will also include a dictionary that includes definitions of Nicki's words.

Raekwon explains RZA's Absence on "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Yesterday, Raekwon shocked fans when he announced his longtime group-mate, RZA, would not be a part of his new album. But, he explained there were many reasons why he was not going to be a part of the new album. Despite the two not working together, there is no beef.

Raekwon has taken a new direction for Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang and RZA was not a major fan. He does not like to work with anything going against Wu-Tang. Still, RZA was willing to help out with the album, but it did not happen. Raekwon promised the album would still have the Wu-Tang sound.

The main reason RZA will not be working with Raekwon is because of his schedule. The two could not find a time when they were both free to work on the album. Because of this and the fact that RZA was not very inspired, the two decided not to work together on this album. But, on his next album, which is also due this year, Raekwon hopes to work with RZA.

Throwback Video of the Day: Eric B & Rakim - "Paid in Full"

The D.O.C. ends affiliation with Dr. Dre

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There have been many changes in Dr. Dre's career. His professional career began with Eazy-E on Ruthless Records. It was here where his production skills were discovered and made famous. Dr. Dre would also meet The D.O.C. during his time at Ruthless.

When Dr. Dre split from Ruthless Records, he and The D.O.C. teamed up with Suge Knight to launch Death Row Records. D.O.C. was responsible for most of Dre's lyrics on The Chronic. Dr. Dre has counted on The D.O.C. most of his career.

The D.O.C. began helping Dr. Dre with Detox when Dre announced he was completing the album. Now, with the album set to come out in a few months, The D.O.C. is shocked. Most of the material he has worked on will not be on the album.

Feeling dissed, The D.O.C. has gone public about their relationship. He said Dr. Dre must feel as if he cannot trust him anymore. Because of the apparent trust issue and all of his work removed from the album, D.O.C. decided not to do any more work for Detox. Not only is he done with Detox, but The D.O.C. is also done working with Dr. Dre.

Lil Twist preparing Young Money debut

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Right after Lil Wayne announced he is close to completing his long-awaited Carter IV album, Lil Twist announced he is preparing his debut album. The album was initially supposed to be released last year, but Drake and Nicki Minaj's promotion made that nearly impossible.

Lil Twist officially signed with Young Money in March 2010 and has been recording. He has secured collaborations on the album with label-mates, Drake and Nicki Minaj. Outside of the camp, Lil Twist will also be working with Khalil of Def Jam and Justin Bieber. The title of the album will be Don't Get It Twisted.

After waiting for almost a year, Lil Twist said he was happy his album is finally coming out. The album will be headlined by a few collaborations with Lil Wayne. While work for Don't Get It Twisted is underway, there is no set release date for the album. Lil Twist is working on a video for his popular new single, "Love Affair."

A-Thug discusses Upcoming Projects

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Harlem's underground king recently sat down for an interview, and he opened up about his ventures as the year is moving into full swing. Despite barely being a month into the New Year, A-Thug is already focused on the summer market. He is at a point in his career where he feels as if he should be on top of the game, and he reached out to many of the big-names in the game.

For eight years, A-Thug has been running his business independently and has built solid buzz. But, he is trying to break into the spotlight this year. Not only does he plan to have his content featured on many of the top websites, but he also plans to open more business ventures. A-Thug already owns a film production company, record label, and a clothing line.

But, A-Thug is now focusing on maximizing the profits of each venture and expanding. In an effort to help the expansion, Black Rolling Stones is hiring and willing to allow anyone to be on the team. A-Thug has a few surprises for the people this year with one of his ventures. He sat down for a video interview and Hip Hop Vibe has obtained the footage.

Game says "The R.E.D. Album" could feature anyone except 50 Cent and Jay-Z

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Six years ago, Game was the hottest new artist in the game and he was waving the G-Unit flag high. But, behind the scenes, beef was brewing between Game and 50 Cent. Soon, the two rappers made their feud known and the gloves came off.

Game has spent most of his career dissing 50 Cent. Outside of his feud with 50 Cent, Game has also had issues with Jay-Z. Even on his debut album, which featured production from Kanye West, Game was challenging Jay-Z.

There have been many times in his career when Game has offered truces to 50 Cent and Jay-Z. When 50 Cent decided to re-start his feud, Game offered to take Jay-Z's side. But, the feud never materialized, and Game returned to his beef.

With his long-awaited The R.E.D. Album, on the way, Game has worked with some of everyone. Game said to expect to hear from almost anyone in the game. But, there is an exception of the artists he will be working with. Game said not to expect a collaboration from either 50 Cent or Jay-Z. Late last year, Game offered to reunite with G-Unit, but Tony Yayo laughed him off.

Mack Maine says "Tha Carter IV" is Complete

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For nearly three years, Lil Wayne has been talking about releasing Tha Carter IV. Following the success of 2008's Tha Carter III, rumors suggested the next Carter album would be released in October 2008. Instead, the announcement for 2010's Rebirth came.

In 2009, Lil Wayne planned to release Rebirth early in the year and Tha Carter IV later in the year. But, due to delays from the head label, Universal, Lil Wayne decided to release We Are Young Money in 2009. Early in 2010, Rebirth was finally released.

Later in 2010, Lil Wayne released I Am Not A Human Being from behind bars. Immediately following Wayne's release from prison, he began working on Tha Carter IV. Promotion of his rising single, "Right Above It," ended and all of the focus was on the new album. Finally, after over two years of discussion, Tha Carter IV is on the way, according to Mack Maine.

Mack Maine said David Banner is coming in to help Lil Wayne complete two more tracks and the album will be ready to go.

In with the new....

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"Scarface: Origins of a Hip Hop Classic

"Scarface: Origins of a Hip Hop Classic" part 1

Timbaland's "Timbo Thursdays" in Trouble

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During the holiday season, Timbaland announced he would be releasing new music each Thursday. Not wanting to disappoint fans, he did not give the release date. But, one Thursday, he released a new song for "Timbo Thursdays."

Barely in action for a month and Timbaland has already landed in hot water. The last song he released, "Round The Way Tim," has offended some people. In the song, he brags about his riches. He says Timmy T is nothing but a black guy with an island.

The website service he is using has not allowed Timbaland to access his site. Timbaland has yet to receive a reason for being blocked, but he feels it has something to do with his latest song and he is upset. Timbaland apologized to the fans for not releasing a new song today.

Game says "The R.E.D. Album" won't come out until He Says So

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Game had originally planned to release The R.E.D. Album during the summer of 2009. Each time Game prepared to release an album, he always said Dr. Dre was going to produce on the album. But, after receiving no reply from Dre in 2008, Game moved on with his career.

Snoop Dogg, a close associate of both, was working with Dr. Dre on Detox and invited Game to join him. Immediately, Dr. Dre welcomed Game back into the Aftermath fold. Dre listened to a part of The R.E.D. Album and began reworking it. But, due to his schedule, he had to stop working on it, delaying the album.

In the time since, Game has worked with Pharrell, DJ Premier, and many other big names. With the album 95% done, Game said he is going to wait to release it. He said this album is more special than his other releases, so he is trying to find the perfect single to introduce to the fans. Game will not be giving a release date for the album and the album will not be released until he says so.

Video of the Day: Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg - "Black & Yellow (remix)"

Fabolous says New Mixtape will not be DJ-hosted

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After finally releasing There Is No Competition 2, Fabolous is now focusing on his next mixtape. Always setting trends, Fab has decided not to have a DJ host his next mixtape. DJs usually host all mixtapes, but Fabolous is tired of them talking over his songs.

Initially, Fabolous had planned to release his last mixtape around Christmas of 2009. But, the weather and his personal life delayed the release. Fabolous set multiple release dates and the mixtape never came. But, in March, he finally released the new music.

This time around, Fabolous did not make any announcements about a mixtape. Instead, he recorded the mixtape and did not mention it until he was close to completing it. Fabolous asked fans to help him title the new mixtape. He has considered making it a part of the There Is No Competition series, but eventually decided to name the new mixtape The S.O.U.L. Tape.

Drake is going Reggae?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Drake had a lot of interaction with Jamaica. The rapper filmed the video to "Find Your Love" on the island and made a sizable donation of $25,000 for a learning center. While in Jamaica, Drake admitted he liked the atmosphere. He vowed to return.

Now on the European part of his tour, Drake is preparing the return to Jamaica. While on tour, he will stop in Jamaica to record and he wants to soak in some of the nation's music. The Canadian rapper is currently wrapping up his second album, Take Care.

Drake has announced he will be making Reggae music, but it is not clear what the music will be placed on. Previously, Drake said his new album would feature many old school acts. There is no guarantee that his Reggae work will make the upcoming album.

Kid Cudi preps Rock Album for Summer Release

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In November 2010, Kid Cudi revealed he had grown bored with rap music and was moving on. He no longer saw a challenge with the genre and he is always up for a challenge. Kid Cudi admitted he did not care for much rap music, outside of his own work. Instead, Cudi was a fan of rock.

Not only is Kid Cudi a rock fan, but he also announced his plans to become a rock artist. He teamed up with a few other rock artists and created a new rock group. Kid Cudi announced most of his energy would go into making music with the new group. The Cleveland rapper said to expect an album soon.

Two months after Kid Cudi dumped rap, he has announced the upcoming album with his group, The Wizards. Following his return to social networking site, Twitter, Kid Cudi opened up on the upcoming album from his group. Without giving a specific release date, Kid Cudi announced the album from The Wizards will be coming sometime during the summer.

Lil' Kim prepares "Black Friday" mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With no album release date in sight, Lil' Kim has set her sights on the mixtape game. Over the past few weeks, Lil' Kim has become a punching bag. Ever since Christmas, Foxy Brown, her old rival, has been throwing shots at her. Last week, Jacki-O, entered the beef with her own diss for the queen.

Before any of the other ladies stepped into the battle, Lil' Kim had set her sights on Nicki Minaj. After Nicki's 2010 takeover, many critics and fans compared her to Lil' Kim. Nicki Minaj said she was a big fan of Lil' Kim and she was a major influence. Lil' Kim later said she dissed her for not paying homage.

Following months of dissing Nicki Minaj with no response, Lil' Kim said she was ending the beef. Weeks later, Nicki Minaj released a song for Halloween called "Roman's Revenge." The song took open shots at Lil' Kim, but Nicki Minaj denied the song was dissing anyone. Soon, though, she admitted her verse was a diss to Lil' Kim and she dissed her again on Kanye West's "Monster."

Lil' Kim waited until after the release of Pink Friday to really begin dissing Nicki Minaj. In time for the holiday season, Lil' Kim released "Black Friday" and filmed a video for the song. With "Monster" steadily gaining more radio play, more people are hearing Nicki's verse. Lil' Kim has decided to up her arsenal with an entire mixtape dedicated to dissing Nicki Minaj. The "Black Friday" single will now serve as the lead single to the Black Friday mixtape. Lil' Kim's new mixtape will be released on February 14.

Via Twitter, Lil' Kim told Nicki Minaj "happy Valentines Day bitch."

50 Cent talks Dr. Dre and "Detox"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Dr. Dre first announced Detox when 50 Cent was still in Queens, considering becoming a rapper. With the release of the album right around the corner, 50 Cent has been a rap heavyweight and now a media personality. Through it all, 50 Cent has been one of the most-successful Dr. Dre proteges.

In 2009, there were rumors of a 50 Cent/Dr. Dre feud. 50 Cent was waiting to release Before I Self Destruct and Dr. Dre had not finished his tracks. While 50 was waiting, Dre had helped Eminem with his entire album. When the album was finally released, 50 Cent called out his mentor for signing his rival, Game, back to the label.

One year ago, around this time, it looked as if things were going to get ugly between the two. But, Dr. Dre said he and 50 Cent have no problems and will be working together. Despite 50 Cent being in the process of leaving Shady Records, having left Aftermath in 2009, he will still be working with Dr. Dre as he finishes Detox.

It is unclear if 50 Cent will appear on the album, as Game is also heavily involved. Still, 50 Cent reminded fans not to count Dr. Dre out. Right when it appeared as if 50 Cent's career may not take off, his Dre-produced single, "In da Club," would top the charts from January well into the summer. 50 Cent said if Dr. Dre was able to do that for him, imagine what he would be able to do with his own material.

Rakim, The Forgotten Legend

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When discussing the best rappers of all-time, most hip hop fans mention The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, and sometimes Jay-Z. In recent years, the fans of Lil Wayne have been pushing to add him to the discussion. For many reasons, many rappers could be considered one of the best, but Rakim is usually left out of the equation.

Rakim has been in the game since 1986, but most fans do not remember him until 2002. The rapper's most famous rhymes of the 21st century came on Truth Hurts' 2002 song, "Addictive." A number of fans of the song assumed he was a new rapper. But, for those who know their history, they know Rakim has been around for years.

In 1987, Rakim released his debut album with Eric B, as a part of the duo Eric B & Rakim. Eric B was the producer and Rakim was the lyricist. While LL Cool J was riding the top of the charts and winning the hearts of girls all over the world, Rakim was putting together some of the wittiest lyrics of all-time. His first album, Paid in Full, was a critical success, but it was not very popular with fans. Even with the strong lyrical content, the album did not sell like records from Run-DMC and the superstar, LL Cool J.

During the 1990s, gangsta rap took over the air-waves. Hip hop was more interested in hearing NWA and social rapper, Tupac Shakur, at this time. Rakim disappeared during the 1990s, as The Notorious B.I.G. emerged and brought New York hip hop back to its prominence. Also, Tupac Shakur signed with Death Row and emerged as the toughest gangsta rapper of them all. Not only was Tupac the most-popular rapper in the game, he was also critically-acclaimed. Each of his albums were met with positive reviews, despite his switch from social rap to gangsta rap.

Unlike Biggie, who often rapped Mafioso stories, Rakim was able to change his style up and still make people think if they actually took the time to listen. Rakim was not a gangsta rapper by any means, but he did rap what he felt at the time. There are not many rappers who are as versatile as Rakim. LL Cool J is credited for reinventing himself several times in order to still be appealing. Rakim has been able to switch his flow, but still be the same style of rapper. Despite most fans forgetting about Rakim, most rappers do credit him as their inspiration.

When 50 Cent signed to Interscope Records, in 2002, he was immediately compared to Tupac Shakur, but he denied the similarities. Even in some of his lyrics, he quoted the late legend, but when he was asked who his favorite rapper was, 50 Cent said Rakim was who really made him love rap music. Many other rappers, who are considered legends by today's standards have hailed Rakim as one of their favorite rappers. But, fans do not know much about him because he never had much mainstream success. In 2009, he was in the news after he finally released The Seventh Seal.

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