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Joell Ortiz pushes "Free Agent" back to Write for "Detox"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2007, New York rapper, Joell Ortiz released his debut album, The Brick (Bodega Chronicles) on Koch Records. The album caught the attention of Dr. Dre, who quickly signed him to Aftermath Entertainment. Dre had hoped to put him in the studio and have his next album out by 2008.

However, with Dr. Dre overseeing projects from Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and many other artists, Joell Ortiz grew tired of waiting. Sensing his album would be coming sometime after Detox, Joell Ortiz left Aftermath. He began working on his next album, Free Agent.

While working on the album, Joell Ortiz joined Slaughterhouse and the group signed with Shady Records. Soon, Joell Ortiz was no longer a free agent. He was signed by SRC Records and he began putting the finishing touches on his Free Agent album. The album was set for a November 29, 2010 release. But, with today here, the album is not ready.

Despite not being able to record on Dr. Dre's label, Joell Ortiz has still worked with him. The Christmas of 2007 was a great Christmas for Joell Ortiz because of Dr. Dre. Even though things did not work out, he feels as if he owes the doctor something. Ever since Dr. Dre decided to go ahead and finish Detox, Joell Ortiz decided to do some writing for the album. He has spent more time writing than he has actually working on his own album, so Ortiz decided to push his album back until January 2011 so he can finish Detox.

Joell Ortiz's sophomore album, Free Agent, is to have production work from DJ Premier and Cool & Dre. The album will have guest appearances from The L.O.X. and Fat Joe.

Redman disses Def Jam and labels them Followers

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For as long as he has been in the game, Redman has been a part of the legendary Def Jam label. But, in recent years, that has not been much to brag about. The label has lost three label bosses in a row and the heavy-hitters are on the way out. As a label founded on rap, their biggest artists are Rihanna and Ne-Yo.

Because of this change of focus, Nas, Shyne, and even hip hop pioneer, KRS-One have had negative things to say about Def Jam. In 2006, LL Cool J, the first artist to sign to the label, publicly called out the label. He said things changed when Jay-Z took over and he made plans to leave. In the time since Jay-Z left, things have gotten worse.

Even with all of the changes, Redman has been content. He felt things would improve. But, with things getting worse, Redman broke his silence. He said Def Jam used to be the mechanics that kept hip hop running because they were trendsetting. However, now he says Def Jam only rides what is popular. Even down to the executives, Redman says the label is full of followers.

Redman said Def Jam still conducts business the old way and that is why newer labels are outselling them and he hopes they learn the new game soon and become trendsetters once again.

Khia disses Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Khia dissed Nicki Minaj because of her overall style. Despite being from New York, Khia said Nicki acts like she is from the South. She went on to criticize her for being a black Barbie when there are no Barbies in the hood. Nicki Minaj laughed the disses off and went about her business.

Seven months later, Khia is firing more rounds at Nicki Minaj because Lil' Kim is taking a break. In the time since her last jab at the femcee, Nicki Minaj has been married and taken over the female rap game. As her album, Pink Friday, was released last week, some have even titled Nicki "The King of New York."

Despite Pink Friday receiving mostly positive reviews from most websites, Khia has given it a low rating. On her blog, Khia decided to review the new album. The last time Khia dissed Nicki Minaj, most fans labeled her a hater. This time around, she wanted to make it clear that she was not a hater. Before she began her rant, Khia stated "I do not want to sound like a hater."

She frequently stated how she spent $13.99 on the "mop flop of an album." Khia said hopefully her review of the album will bring more promotion to "the blow up doll." As the review went on, Khia referred to Minaj as a bear, among other things. However, she continued to state that she was not hating on Nicki. As if ripping the album was not enough, Khia claimed that Nicki Minaj was barely making any money off her sales. She said she hopes Matel, the makers of Barbie, sue Nicki Minaj for the little bit she does make off the album.

While most of the review was dedicated to bashing Nicki Minaj, Khia also took the time to diss two other female rappers with issues with Nicki Minaj. Long before Nicki Minaj came into the picture, Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown had beef with each other. Khia taunted Foxy Brown because Lil' Kim seemingly stole all of her friends, including Jay-Z. She went on to taunt Foxy over her weight and said Lil' Kim caused it because of her snatching the record deal out of her hands.

Khia jokingly asked Nicki Minaj to give Foxy the number to her shrink and Lil' Kim the number to her plastic surgeon.

Young Chris helps DJ Drama and Don Cannon end feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few years ago, DJ Drama and Don Cannon were business partners, responsible for putting together the Gangsta Grillz mixtapes. Young Chris, on the other hand, was predicted as the future of the Jay-Z-led Roc-A-Fella Records. But, soon DJ Drama and Don Cannon had a falling out and Jay-Z dismantled the Roc.

For a while, DJ Drama, Don Cannon, and Young Chris had no association with each other. But, with Chris needed a new place to call home, he had to fend for himself. The Young Gunz were no more, so he hit the mixtape scene. Soon, he would meet DJ Drama and Don Cannon.

Recently, Young Chris decided to do his own Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama. Drama heard some of Young Chris' work and he was very impressed. Around the same time, he had decided to make peace with Don Cannon. After Don Cannon heard Young Chris, he decided to put the beef to rest and work with DJ Drama to put together Young Chris' Gangsta Grillz release.

While the duo has united for Young Chris' project, DJ Drama said they have been communicating for a little while and decided to make things official after hearing his work. Now, Don Cannon will officially be a part of the Gangsta Grillz series again.

Rick Ross named Man of the Year by The Source

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The year of 2010 has been great for Rick Ross, as he has dominated for most of the year. Ross had a very high-profile feud with 50 Cent last year and emerged on top. When the new year came, he released a very popular mixtape, followed by a very popular album.

Even as the year comes to a close, Teflon Don is still being played in cars all around the United States. Currently, his "Aston Martin Music" single is blowing up airwaves. Early in the year, Drake was popular and it definitely helped Rick Ross with his sales. The song has been well-received, but the source of controversy.

During the Soul Train Awards, Rick Ross refused to perform the song and many assumed it was because he did not win Rap Song of the Year. But, Ross later revealed it was because he did not have any input into how he was going to perform the song he created. Because of that, not because of any type of beef with Eminem, is why Rick Ross did not perform his song.

Through his ups and downs, 2010 has been the best year in Rick Ross' career so far. The Source magazine has taken notice and they have made him 2010's Man of the Year. As far as hip hop publications go, The Source is the most-respected publication in the history of hip hop. A few years ago, they were having trouble, but they have regained a lot of their prior respect and the issue was helmed by former XXL editor, Bonsu Thompson.

Album Review: Lloyd Banks - "H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More)"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Four long years have passed since the last time a new album came from Lloyd Banks. Following a weak effort in 2006 with Rotten Apple, Banks had to prove himself. It was after his album release that the G-Unit movement began to fall off.

Because the Banks release signaled the end of a big moneymaker, Interscope Records never gave him a solid release date. Last year, Lloyd Banks had enough and left the label. After leaving Interscope, he returned to the mixtape scene.

Long before G-Unit made it into the mainstream, they dominated the New York mixtape scene. As a soldier for G-Unit, Lloyd Banks was one of the most popular mixtape rappers in the years before G-Unit exploded onto the charts. In need of a boost, he returned to his grind and built a following.

Early this year, Lloyd Banks recorded the mixtape single, "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley." While the song was catchy, no one expected it to become the hit it has become. The song was so popular that 50 Cent decided to have Lloyd Banks release an album. 50 Cent used the popularity of this song to market G-Unit to a new label. Throughout the summer, there were rumors of the label heading to Def Jam, but in the end, EMI agreed to distribute the next few releases from G-Unit Records.

With a solid record deal behind him, Lloyd Banks recorded an album to support his hit single. The feeling he had when he went in the studio was hunger. Six years ago, Lloyd Banks was so excited as he put together his debut album and he simply wanted more. Despite being a veteran in the game, Banks still wanted more and to take things back. This was the reason he ended up naming his album The Hunger for More 2. Not only was it a return to his rawness, but it was a return to the hunger he did not have on Rotten Apple.

As more songs were released from the album, anticipiation built for the new release. Lloyd Banks promised he would not let the fans down with this album. Banks felt as if he really had to come through for his fans because he has been overshadowed by Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. In an effort to push the creativity, he decided to feature West on the album. Unlike his other two albums, H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More) is star-studded with appearances from Ryan Leslie and Juelz Santana.

Lloyd Banks hoped to prove he could handle himself with other heavy-hitters by collaborating with so many artists. What time Banks was heard on the album, he held his own, but the album comes off as more of a compilation because more of other artists are heard instead of Lloyd Banks, himself. But, every artist on this album came with their best, including Banks. Because of this, the album is still very good, but it appears more as a compilation instead of a solo release.

The album was filled with verses from other artists, but Lloyd Banks held fans down, even after being overshadowed on his "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" by Juelz Santana. The Hunger for More 2 is definitely a good album and worth the listen.

Hip Hop Vibe's Rating: 6/10

Young Buck discusses Game trying to reunite G-Unit and 50 Cent

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two years ago, Young Buck and G-Unit began a highly publicized feud. Last year, when Buck wanted to leave G-Unit Records, he played nice with 50 Cent. Despite his peaceful efforts, 50 Cent famously dissed Young Buck on "So Disrespectful."

Despite their issues earlier this year, Young Buck is past beef and he is trying to rebuild his career. Ever since leaving G-Unit, the Nashville rapper has been working with Game. For years, he was loudest anti-G-Unit rapper, but now he wants peace.

Just like Young Buck, Game was a member of G-Unit that had a falling out with 50 Cent. But, Game has put his issues aside and decided to try and reunite with G-Unit. Despite his pleas, G-Unit member Tony Yayo scoffed at him.

During an interview with Tim Westwood, Young Buck was asked about his opinion on Game trying to return to the G-Unit fold. Buck said it would be extraordinary if he were able to pull this off. While he is trying to move on with his career, Young Buck said he hopes 50 Cent will soon respond to Game. He feels it would be great for hip hop after seeing fans' reaction on Twitter.

When asked if he would like to return to G-Unit, Young Buck said he does not have issues with Game or his former boss, 50 Cent. He said he would definitely consider returning to the crew, but he would weigh out all of his options. Young Buck opened up, saying he never really had beef with 50 Cent, they just had a situation that the media turned into a beef.

Nelly blames Universal Records for Low Record Sales

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 1999, Nelly signed a major deal with Universal Records, which was a 50/50 partnership. The deal not only landed Nelly a major label record deal, but also created Derrty Ent. Early in his career, Nelly sold millions of records. He was one of the highest-selling artists of the 2000s.

5.0 was the first album from Nelly in the 2010s. The sales of the album have proven Nelly is definitely not in 2000. Where he sold over 1 million copies in his first week off his debut album, he only sold 63,000 copies his first week on this album. Nelly said a record deal is a 50/50 deal, but Universal did not do their half.

The top priority on Universal Records is Young Money. The debut album from Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj was also released earlier this week. Her album sold over 400,000 copies in its first week, but Nelly has barely sold records. Nelly feels as if he has been placed on the backburner for these artists and he said he thinks his records were undershipped.

Despite the high sales of his "Just a Dream" single, Nelly's album has not sold and it is his second album in a row to have this perplexity.

Killer Mike - "Ghetto Extraordinary" (Mini-Movie)

A-Thug - "Invisible"

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New Audio: Styles P - "Storm is Brewing"

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Jadakiss discusses Sheek Louch's album cover

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As Sheek Louch prepares to release his first album with Def Jam, he is running into a bit of trouble. The cover for his Donnie G album shows him as half human and half gorilla. Because of this image, there is a lot of criticism aimed at Sheek.

Sheek's L.O.X. groupmate and Def Jam label-mate, Jadakiss has jumped to his defense. Jadakiss has spent his entire career right beside Sheek Louch. But, in this situation, his support has nothing to do with their history.

Jadakiss feels there is nothing wrong with the cover because it only serves as promotion for the album. As long as Sheek Louch makes good music for Def Jam, there should be no problem with the way he covers his album.

More than anything, Jadakiss feels the album cover is good publicity.

Nicki Minaj names her Dream Collaboration

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After only a short period of time in the game, Nicki Minaj has accomplished more than what most artists would in ten years. She has worked with hip hop's most elite already, but her list is far from complete.

Nicki Minaj boasts collaborations with Usher, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, Game, and Eminem. While she has not worked with Jay-Z, he did co-sign her. Still, Nicki Minaj feels as if her job is not done.

Yes, she has collaborated with most of the elite players in the game, but she has yet to do a record with Beyonce. Once she lands a record with Beyonce, Nicki Minaj feels as if she has accomplished something in her career.

AZ considers retirement after "Doe or Die 2"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, AZ sat down with Hip Hop Vibe's own Mikey T The Movie Star for an interview with SOHH. For the past few months, AZ has been hard at work on his Doe or Die 2 album, which he hopes to soon release. While he plans to get back in the game, he may not stay too long.

After the release of this album, AZ may seriously decided to end his career. He said it has been fun and he enjoyed his time in the game, but he feels it is time to move on. Comparing himself to boxer, Floyd Mayweather, AZ said he had to leave the game undefeated.

AZ said he is ready to do this album because sequel albums are doing well right now. He credits releases from Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Raekwon for his inspiration. AZ has reached out to Nas for a collaboration, but he has yet to actually secure a spot with him. Nas is going through personal issues and has been unavailable for long periods of time.

The album, Doe or Die 2, is set for an early 2011 release, but is subject to delays.

Swizz Beatz talks DMX legal problems and dismisses Jay-Z feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Swizz Beatz opened up to the public about the ongoing problems of DMX. Ever since X first made it big in the game, Swizz Beatz has been right by his side. For the past few years, things have been rough for the Yonkers rapper, but he has always been able to count on Swizz Beatz.

Swizz Beatz said he has known DMX for a long time and his lifestyle is not new. Long before he ever made it big, DMX did the things he does now. But, because he is a celebrity, his lifestyle is put in the headlines. Swizz Beatz said legal problems for DMX is nothing new.

More than anything, Swizz Beatz feels as if DMX has been asking for help. Swizz has done everything he can to help his friend and will continue to. He hopes someone else will hear his pleas and do something to help the troubled rapper. But, until that time, Swizz Beatz will continue to defend him and help him bounce back.

For the past four years, DMX has been going back and forth with Jay-Z. On numerous occasions, DMX admitted he does not like Jay-Z. Despite what X has said, Swizz Beatz says there is no feud between the former partners in rhyme. The most-recent diss was the product of a misunderstanding and Swizzy promises the beef will be handled in a silent manner and they will be back to making music in no time. He said 2010 is here and it is time to put childish beef away now.

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New Video of the Day: Soulja Boy - "Speakers Going Hammer"

Game promises West Coast comeback

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Despite not landing the G-Unit reunion, Game is still going about his business. The Black Wall Street CEO recently proclaimed the West Coast will be taking over. Ever since the release of Game's last album, the West Coast has been lagging behind.

Game promises that will soon change because The R.E.D. Album will be released next spring. Aside from his releases, more West Coast projects are coming. The year 2011 will also see the release of Detox and Snoop Dogg's next project. Next year promises to be big for hip hop.

Ever since the downfall of Death Row Records, the West Coast has suffered. Game promises that, too, will be over because he is on his game. With a solid deal with Aftermath, he plans to put more California rappers on with his Black Wall Street label. But, he says early 2011 will be dominated with West Coast music and he plans to keep it up with his movement.

Video of the Day: Wiz Khalifa - "Black and Yellow"

Nas pushes back His Album to release His Album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since the release of Distant Relatives with Damian Marley, Nas has been trying to reintroduce himself as a solo act. Two years ago, Nas was a hot topic in hip hop. The rapper made plans to name his 2008 album, Nigger. He wanted to give new meaning to the word instead of the negative one it had.

Initially, Nas had the support of Def Jam, then headed by Jay-Z, and the hip hop community. But, Def Jam's parent company did not want to promote an album with such a name. Jay-Z was willing to fight for Nas, but never had the chance. As the battle was going on, Jay-Z left Def Jam to create Roc Nation.

Nas' love affair with Def Jam ended after the Nigger debaccle, as the label stopped supporting him. In 2009, Nas agreed to join in with Damian Marley on the album, but Def Jam did nothing to promote the release. A power struggle has ensued in the months since and Nas has written a letter to express his feelings about the label. Nas wants off of Def Jam and he is working hard to make it happen.

The Queens rapper wanted to close 2010 with another Lost Tapes album. At the same time, Nas began working on his next studio album. The original plan was for Nas to release his Lost Tapes album and then return sometime in 2011 with his next album. But, the creative process has led to Nas stopping all production on his Lost Tapes album and focusing solely on the other album. As a result, Nas is farther along in the other album and plans to release it first, followed by the Lost Tapes album.

Dr. Dre confirms "Detox" as his Final Album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Eleven years ago, Dr. Dre released his long-awaited 2001 album and promised to release another album soon. When the actual year, 2001, approached, the title of the album was revealed to be Detox. The album was then set for a 2002 release date, but was pushed back for the emergence of 50 Cent.

For the past ten years, Detox has been a mythical album talked about but never heard. In 2008, there were rumors of Dr. Dre working with Lil Wayne and T.I. for the album. Rumor had it the album would come out in 2009. Late in 2009, Snoop Dogg revealed he was working on the album and Game joined in.

The result of the collaboration led to Game returning to his former home, Aftermath Entertainment. Because Game was working on an album, Dr. Dre postponed Detox to work on it. Now, Dre says the album will be released sometime next year and there will be no more push-backs. But, there is one catch... this will be Dr. Dre's final album.

Following this release, Dr. Dre is back to producing for other artists and only producing aside from running the Aftermath label.

T.I. discusses Drug Addiction and says He's Been Treated Unfairly

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, T.I. opened up on all of his troubles. The rapper has been in the headlines for his legal woes for the past two years. With a new album on the way, most people are only concerned with his return to prison. But, T.I. plans to set the record straight on a few subjects because people have things confused.

One reason T.I. believes he fell back into the same trap is because of his upbringing. He said people need to put themselves in his position with no male role model and a single mother. His family lived off welfare, so he did what he had to do to. At an early age, a young T.I. began selling drugs and handling guns.

Despite the public being mad at him, T.I. said it does not bother him because it has happened to men greater than him. Just as he says in his "Get Back Up" song, T.I. reminded the people he is only human like them. He questioned how the people can expect him to turn his life around in only a few months. While what he did was wrong, T.I. said it was only three pills and he should have had a lighter sentence.

T.I. has had a drug addicition ever since he came out of prison and it came from him trying to better himself for the media. Upon being released from prison, T.I. had dental work done and he was placed on pain medications so he could handle the pain. But, as time went on, T.I. began to enjoy the pills and he realized he could legally use these pills. From there, the addicition truly began and T.I. has been depending on the pills ever since.

Kanye West enters the Burger Business

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Kanye West once said he not only wanted to master the hip hop game, but also the hip hop business. For years, West was under the wing of Jay-Z. The time Kanye spent with Hov did not go to waste as Kanye West is a force in his own right and the head of multiple businesses.

Over the years, Kanye West has built his empire. The rapper is the head of G.O.O.D Music, and he is preparing to launch his own clothing line (more news on that later), and now he also owns ten Fatburger restaurants. From the start, West wanted to use music to launch his business ideas.

West has purchased the Fatburger restaurants through his new venture, KW Foods LLC. Aside from using his new company to run the restaurants, Kanye West also plans to become the new face of Fatburger. He will use his popularity to promote the restaurants that he owns. Kanye West says to expect more strategic alliances from him in the near future.

Throwback Video of the Day: Obie Trice - "Got Some Teeth"

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Does T.I. deserve a Third Chance?

By The Angry Black Man
Hip Hop Vibe Contributor

Throughout his career, T.I. had presented himself as a gangsta rapper. T.I. began his career signed to Arista Records, but he was dropped when his album did not sell. Because he did not want to face further rejection, the Atlanta rapper created his own label, Grand Hustle Records, and began releasing mixtapes. In 2003, T.I. partnered with Atlantic Records and released his second album, Trap Muzik. This album forever changed the rapper's life.

Immediately, T.I. was a platinum rapper and the CEO of his own profitable company. But, he still only portrayed himself as a rapper. As his hits added up, more rappers from the Atlanta area wanted to be a part of Grand Hustle Records. In 2005, he signed Young Dro and quickly decided to put him in the studio. T.I. also expanded the company into Grand Hustle Films around this time. During the summer of 2006, the company came out with the box office success, ATL.

Later in the year, T.I. also founded his AKOO clothing line, but T.I. still only promoted himself as a rapper when he was so much more. By 2007, T.I. had organized his clothing line, film company, and record label under one banner, Grand Hustle Entertainment and he made himself the CEO. While T.I. was the face of the company, he was caught with guns and sentenced to one year in prison. Upon being released, T.I. presented himself as a businessman as opposed to being another rapper.

Released a free man, T.I. put together a squeaky-clean image as a hip hop entrepreneur, but it did not last long as he went back to prison. T.I. has been a man about the situation and owned up to his mistakes. He is calling upon the same people once again for forgiveness. But, the question is, does T.I. deserve what will be a third chance?

Throwback Video of the Day: Eminem - "Superman"

Nicki Minaj takes Lil' Kim feud public

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last month, Nicki Minaj and Eminem collaborated on the track, "Roman's Revenge." The track was aimed at the critics both rappers have amassed since breaking into the game. But, on the final Nicki verse, it appeared as if she had finally replied to Lil' Kim, who had challenged her all summer.

When Lil' Kim called Nicki Minaj out over the diss, Nicki denied aiming it at her. But, after weeks of Lil' Kim running off at the mouth, Nicki Minaj said she did diss Kim. Now, Nicki has more to say. Usually nonconfrontational, she is much like her collaborator, not afraid, of Lil' Kim.

Recently, Nicki Minaj expressed her true feelings about Lil' Kim. She said Kim has a history of picking fights with females in and out of the game. Nicki does have a lot of respect for Lil' Kim, but she is tired of the constant disses. No longer wanting to be a victim, Nicki Minaj hit back at the legend. She also made some very strong points about Lil' Kim's history.

Nicki Minaj said something has to be wrong with a person to target someone who has nothing but respect for you. Then, she brought up Lil' Kim's feud with Foxy Brown. For years, she made headlines with her verbal spars with Foxy. But, once the people grew tired of her feud with Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim began to send disses at Eve. When Eve left rap for television, Lil' Kim began feuding with Ms. Voletta Wallace, the mother of her deceased lover, The Notorious B.I.G.

Nicki said it is funny how Lil' Kim only makes the news when she disses someone. Five years have passed since she released an album and Nicki Minaj wants to know where the music is at.

Redman officially joins the Wu Tang Clan

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, Redman has associated himself with Method Man. While they made a legendary duo, Redman was a part of the Def Squad and Method Man was a part of the Wu Tang Clan. Despite two crews being involved, everyone accepted the partnership. The Def Squad has been closely affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan for years.

Recently, however, Def Squad has accepted Method Man as an official member of the crew. In return, Redman confirmed he was now an official member of the Wu Tang Clan. But, after Redman made his confirmation, several online reports denied his claims. Because of the close affiliation, Red said the Wu made things official.

However, Redman has hit back and has called the websites who denied his membership a bunch of haters. Not only is Redman saying he is in the Wu Tang Clan, but Redman said he has been a part of the Wu now for five years. Years before, he was a close associate, wearing the Wu Gear and promoting them when he did his solo projects, but he has been on for years and now plans to push things more heavily.

DMX regrets Jay-Z diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, DMX took his beef with Jay-Z to a higher level when he dissed him at AZ's concert. He chanted "fuck Jay-Z" to the crowd repeatedly. Over a decade ago, DMX and Jay-Z were partners in rhyme, but X revealed they never did get along. The rappers were tied together by Irv Gotti and later Def Jam.

But, in 2006, Jay-Z, by then the CEO of Def Jam, decided to release the drug addicted X from the label. Then, DMX took his beef public and told of how Jay-Z had done him wrong. For the remainder of that year, DMX continued to diss Jay-Z and supported Cam'ron in his feud against the rapper. Jay-Z scoffed at the disses on Kingdom Come.

Last year, DMX prepared to take over as the face of Ruff Ryders once again. He decided he was going to turn over a new leaf. In the fall of last year, X reached out to longtime rival, Ja Rule. DMX also invited Rule to record on his next album. Glad to be friends with DMX again, Ja Rule also invited DMX to record on his next albums. Nostalgic fans hoped Jay-Z would reach out and Murder Inc. would reunite.

Soon after making amends with Ja Rule, DMX admitted he still did not like Jay-Z, crushing the hearts of fans who wanted the old thing back. While he and Jay-Z have never been friends and probably never will be, X did admit to taking things too far. Currently behind bars, DMX apologized to Jay-Z for his comments because they were uncalled for. Swizz Beatz, the CEO of Ruff Ryders, is a friend of both rappers and he has had them on the phone together. A truce has been worked out and DMX agreed not to publicly diss Jay-Z again.

50 Cent takes time on New Album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For the past few years, 50 Cent has been upset with Interscope Records for various reasons. But, over the summer, 50 Cent finally left the label. Now with EMI Records, 50 plans to re-establish himself as a force in the game.

When he first left the label, 50 Cent said he would release a new album every year. For most of his career, 50 Cent has released a new album every two years. However, 50 admitted he wanted to release albums more frequently. He did not complain back then because he was glad to be rich.

But, as he watched Kanye West and other rappers progess while he had to wait, 50 Cent grew frustrated. This frustration led to 50 Cent wanting off of Interscope. It appears as if all of 50 Cent's wishes have come true. 50 Cent still has the G-Unit name and he is finally off Interscope, but he does not have a new album on the way.

Ever since the release of Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent has been talking about a Black Magic album. But, now he has gone against those rumors. Now, there are no plans of putting out an album. With Dr. Dre, his former mentor, taking his time putting out Detox, 50 Cent has decided to take his time putting out his next album. But, when he does actually release his album, 50 Cent will begin to put albums out on a yearly basis.

DJ Premier feels slighted by Kanye West

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During his time away from the game, Kanye West reached out to DJ Premier. Their conversations led to Premo cooking up some beats of West's upcoming album. At the time, Kanye planned for the album to be named Good Ass Job. But, tired of the college-themed albums, Kanye West decided to move on.

Instead, Kanye West decided to go in an entirely different direction with the album. He named the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With this change in title, Kanye West changed the direction of the new music. Because of this, a lot of the beats DJ Premier came up with were lost. Premo said he spent a lot of time on most of those beats.

While he said he is hurt by Kanye West scrapping most of the material, DJ Premier says he cannot be upset at him. After all, Kanye West is one of the most creative people he knows and he knows how the creative process can be. When Kanye began to shape the album, the tracks with DJ Premier did not go with the concept. Despite DJ Premier's music not making it on the solo album from Kanye West, some of his stuff will be used for West's Watch the Throne album with Jay-Z.

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