Domination speaks on 50 Cent, Eminem, and G-Unit

By Mikey T The Movie
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not too many people know who Domination is, unless they have a few of the "Beef" DVDs. For those who do know him from that series, they know Domination is no fan of 50 Cent. Before 50 Cent made it big, Domination and Bang 'Em Smurf were major parts of G-Unit Records and they helped 50 Cent start his previous label, Full Clip.

The future appeared to be bright for Domination with 50 Cent landing the major deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre. But, it just was not meant to be. By the time G-Unit made it big, Domination and Bang 'Em Smurf were out and Young Buck and The Game were in. Despite not blowing up then, Domination is still happy with where he's at.

Recently, I was able to chop it up with Domination for an exclusive interview with Hip Hop Vibe. The video can be viewed below.

Hottie of the Week: iKandy

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

iKandy, birth name Tuyakula Napandula Musheko, was born and raised in the South African city of Namibia, Windhoek. Growing up in a household with three other children, young Tuyakula wanted to stick out.

At school, she did just that, as she attened primarily white schools. Being exposed to so many cultures at such a young age has taught iKandy to be accepting to all types of people. As a child, and even to this day, a love for television has given iKandy a vivid imagination.

Her wide imagination is what led her into the world of modeling. When she came of age, iKandy's mother allowed her to participate in mini fashion shows and the rest is history. Recently, Hip Hop Vibe caught up with iKandy and landed the exclusive interview, thus making her the first Hottie of the Week.

1. Q. Exactly what has inspired you to become a model?

    A. I fell in love with fashion at a young age but I only had an eye for it and my designing skills were not my strongest point. Since I was 12years old people have been suggesting I become one because I had the height and looks but I was too much of a tomboy. As I grew older I came to appreciate it and was highly attracted to that form of art.

2. Q. Which models inspired you growing up?
    A. I was inspired by Liya Kadebe due to the fact that she is a fellow African model that had made it far in the industry. Tyra Banks because she was a curvy model just like I am and taught me to embrace them. Heide Klum because I have never seen anybody more humble in the midst of such an industry of people who to me seem to sell their soul to the devil.

3. Q. How long have you been in the business yourself?
    A. I have been in the industry since grade 8(2004) doing mini fashion shows and promotions.

4. Q. Have you run into any negativity while pursuing your dream?

    A. Yes. As normal girls do you become insecure about your body growing up so because you fell that you are never as pretty or as thin as the next girl. I finally grew out of it.

5. Q. Do you feel as if you have an advantage over American models?
    A. I feel the only way I have an advantage to American girls is that the modeling industry here is not as congested but other than that I feel they have a better chance of making it big and landing bigger accounts.

6. Q. Is there any pressure on you, being a model of color in a profession dominated by white women?
    A. Yes. One would think because this is Africa the discrimination wouldn’t be as bad against black models but the girls that land the good, international deals are usually white or mixed. You would be able to count the all black girls on one hand.

7. Q. How do you plan to leave your mark on the modeling industry?
    A. Despite the times that I might have to go the extra mile for true art I would like to be known as the model that truly embraced their natural beauty. I would like to let women experience the feeling of true beauty which in my opinion comes from appreciating what God gave you. And from that you gain confidence and with confidence anything is possible.
8. Q. How many gigs have you landed since being in the business?

    A. More then I can remember but all for fun and nothing really major.

9. Q. In the future, do you plan to branch out of modeling to also possibly do television and film?
    A. Yes if I’m fortunate enough to find an undiscovered talent that allows me to branch out into television and film then I would without a doubt.

10. Q. What are some of your interests outside of modeling?

      A. MUSIC, MUSIC and more MUSIC… Keeps me alive.

11. Q. What is your favorite television program, if any?
      A. 90210 ;)

12. Q. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

      A. I would love to be a mother by then and a CEO of a bank and still headed on up.

13. Q. Once you do make it big, do you see yourself mentoring young models, such as yourself?

      A. Most defiantly. I have noticed a lot of people that made it far forget how it was when you still had nothing so id like to share my experiences if I ever make it big to help young models learn from them and help any other way I can at that stage.

14. Q. More than anyone else, who do you admire in show business, as a whole?

      A. Beyonce Knowless. Not only do I admire this lady but she is the one person I envy. She gets to do what she loves the most and because of that she is able to work hard at it. She is the most hardworking lady in show business in my opinion and I admire that.

15. Q. Where can people interested in you see more photos of you?
      A.  Hip Hop Vibe Social network. Will post more pictures with time.

View iKandy's profile on Hip Hop Vibe at

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Black Rob sounds off on Diddy

The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he created Bad Boy Records, Diddy wanted to start a legacy that would rival the one created across town by Russell Simmons with Def Jam. Launched ten years after Def Jam, it appeared as if Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, was on the fast track. The first three years of Bad Boy Records were filled with happiness, then The Notorious B.I.G. was brutally murdered on the streets of Los Angeles.

Even after the death of Biggie, Bad Boy Records has still made tremendous profit, but none of the artists since have had staying power. Following Biggie’s death, Mase was thrown into the limelight and he decided to preach. Shyne was then brought in to fill the void of Mase, but the club incident cost Shyne his career and ten years of his life. There have been many other rappers brought in with each new star and they all have issues with Diddy.

Black Rob has become the latest former act of Bad Boy Records to sound off on Diddy. He said things with Diddy were shaky from the beginning, but he trusted the Bad Boy CEO. That is something he will never do again. During his time in prison, Black Rob said he did not even receive a phone call, let alone a visit from Diddy. Not only did Diddy not reach out to him while he was in prison, but he also stole G. Dep from him and kept all the credit.

Diddy has denied all the allegations made by Black Rob, but Rob says the proof is out there and there is nothing Diddy can do to deny it.

Happier Days in Bad Boy history. Black Rob – “Woah.”

Throwback Video of the Day: Cam'ron ft. Juelz Santana - "Oh Boy"

Jay-Z strikes a deal with the New York Yankees

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The president of hip hop is known for making deals well outside of the hip hop world and the entertainment community. In 1999, Jay-Z was the biggest rapper on the planet and he capitalized off his popularity with Rocawear. After creating the clothing line, Jay-Z made numerous other deals with other people for various products.

In 2005, Jay-Z, at the time retired from hip hop music, purchased part of the New Jersey Nets’ franchise and became the face of the team. While only being a minority owner of the team, Jay-Z decided to move the franchise back to New York City in his native borough of Brooklyn. The move will be completed sometime next year, but Jay-Z is “on to the next one.”

Outside of hip hop, Jay-Z is probably best-known for the New Jersey Nets and his clothing business ventures. Having grown up a New York Yankees’ fan, Jay-Z has always wanted to do something for his team. Recently, a new business deal has given him this opportunity and he plans to strike on it.

Jay-Z and the New York Yankees have teamed up for a Limited Edition New York Yankees’ clothing line. The merchandise will go on sale on August 30 and will end on September 14. In his chart-topping New York anthem, “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z boasted of how he can make the New York Yankees’ cap more famous than a New York Yankee can.

Now, the franchise is giving him the chance to prove it.

Kanye West plans to release a New Track each week

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Making up for lost time, Kanye West plans to get back in where he fits in the most. Before his outrageous outburst last September, Kanye was trying to push his career to new heights. But, sometimes the best way to comeback is to go away. Out of the limelight for ten months, people appreciated Kanye West even more when he returned to the game.

Earlier this month, Kanye West returned with his first batch of new material since his R&B effort, 808s & Heartbreak. Quickly, his new single, “Power,” has taken over radio stations and music video outlets across the nation. It seems as if nothing has changed since last year, when people were still blasting music off 808s & Heartbreak.

With “Power” dominating the hip hop scene, Kanye West is already making plans to keep himself out there. Each week, a new track from West will be released. Currently, it is unclear if these tracks are actually coming from his new album or if they are simply new tracks. Despite the heavy promotion, Kanye West is putting out for his new album; it still does not have a title.

Kanye West plans to put his album out sometime in November.

50 Cent wants Mims off Capitol/EMI

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Following his recent signing to EMI Records, 50 Cent is hoping to rebuild his G-Unit empire, piece by piece. Clearly, 50 Cent and G-Unit Records is the biggest name EMI has had since the days of MC Hammer. Now the biggest fish in the pond again, 50 Cent wants things to go his way or he will raise hell. It has been no secret that 50 Cent is to Mims’ biggest fan.

In 2007, many people felt as if Mims could become the next big thing out of New York City. His movement was compared to 50 Cent’s from a few years earlier. When 50 Cent was asked about the comparisons, he said Mims would not make it. Months later, multiple websites reported news about Mims talking reckless about 50 Cent.

Right before 50 Cent addressed the issue, Mims came out to quickly retract his statement. This did a lot to bolster 50 Cent’s confidence as the top dog in the game. But, Mims was labeled a punk by many hip hop websites. While Mims often says he is a big fan of 50 Cent, he is known to associate with Fat Joe and Rick Ross.

By now, it is no secret about 50 Cent despising both rappers with a passion. Early in his career, 50 Cent said anyone who associated with his rivals were dissing him. In 2009, when Mims allowed Rick Ross to remix his “Life as a Star” track, 50 Cent issued a warning to Mims. Despite the warning, Mims continued to do what he does.

50 Cent is still likely watching and will probably do what he can to get Mims off the label. A new album from 50 Cent is expected to be released before the end of this year.

"A Marriage Made in Hip Hop" trailer Hip Hop Vibe Original Series

Now presenting to the world Tru Reality and Durty Flowers, the first couple of Hip Hop Vibe starring in our first original series, "A Marriage Made in Hip Hop."

If anyone is interested in advertising on "A Marriage Made in Hip Hop Vibe," text 910.337.5943 and we will get back with you.

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Video of the Day: T.I. ft. Keri Hilson - "Got Your Back"

Rick Ross name-drops Slim Thug and beef rumors rise

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Still basking in the success of his latest album, Rick Ross has taken his boss persona a step father and has now promoted himself to “King Boss.” For years, Slim Thug, who has actually been in the spotlight longer than Rick Ross, has been calling himself the boss. His debut single, back in 2005 was actually called “Like a Boss.” Ross would counter in 2008 with his T-Pain assisted single, “The Boss.”

During their time in the game, it has appeared as if Rick Ross and Slim Thug get along relatively well. The two rappers have yet to collaborate on a major track, but have attended many of the same events. When they meet up, Rick Ross and Slim Thug appear to get along. Slim Thug even spoke on Rick Ross’ feud with 50 Cent and seemingly sided with Ross. But, this is a different day and a different beef.

To go along with his new alter ego is a new song, “King Boss.” On the song, he seemingly goes at Slim Thug. He speaks of a girl who used to date Slim Thug, but later began sleeping with him, a real boss. After hearing the song, Slim Thug reaches out to Rick Ross on Twitter and asked him why he dropped his name on the track. Wanting to receive a response, Slim Thug will wait before he replies to the track.

Nicki Minaj accepts Irv Gotti’s Lauryn Hill comparison

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Irv Gotti compared Nicki Minaj to Lauryn Hill and there was plenty of outrage from the hip hop community. While there is no one who will deny the talent that lies within Nicki Minaj, no one is ready to crown her the next Lauryn Hill. Many hip hop critics and fans, alike, say Hill is one of the best performers who ever lived. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, has not proved herself to be legendary, yet.

Currently, Nicki Minaj is keeping the radio hot with her undying hit single, “Your Love.” In the song, Nicki Minaj sings and raps, but it is clear she has a little bit of assistance from the auto-tune machine. While the song will forever be embedded in most hip hop fans’ memories as the anthem of summer 2010, not many would agree that it rivals the run Lauryn Hill had twelve summers prior.

Nicki Minaj, always one to be different, has decided to go with the unpopular decision. She becomes one of few people outside of the Murder Inc. camp to agree with Irv Gotti on any point of view. While he has been painted as the odd man out in the rap game, Nicki Minaj agrees with him in comparing her to Lauryn Hill. Minaj said she definitely has the talent, but Irv has placed the pressure on her to prove it.

Both Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill will be releasing new albums this fall.

New Video of the Day: Drake ft. Lil Wayne - "Miss Me"

T.I. explains why “Swagga Like Us” video never came

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One year before the “Forever” track, there was another major posse cut that featured the bosses of rap on one track. At the time, T.I. was preparing to take his seat among the other bosses at the top of the game. Having recently received a beat from Kanye West, T.I. sought out to leave his mark on the game. Soon after receiving the beat, T.I. reached out to his friends in the game.

Doing it LL Cool J style, T.I. invited Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z to join him on the track, which ended up becoming a major hit. Featured off his Paper Trail album, it was one of many songs from the album to land in the top ten. Not only was more expected from the single, as far as performances, but a music video was promised.

T.I. had told fans a video would likely come before the end of 2008, but when 2009 came and went and T.I. went behind bars, nothing more was said. Now in full swing promoting his latest album, King Uncaged, T.I. decided to break his silence on the “Swagga Like Us” video. While it is great to unite the top rappers in the game on a track, it is hard to have them all together.

Recently, the Atlanta rapper admitted a theme for the video had been chosen. However, when it came time to do a video, the schedules of Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne would not agree long enough for a proper video to be filmed. However, multiple fan videos were made for the single featuring clips from their previous videos.

Beanie Sigel re-ignites Jay-Z feud, brings Kanye West in

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last fall, Beanie Sigel discussed the state of Roc-A-Fella Records and his undying support for the man who helped him into the game, Jay-Z. Following the September interview, Beanie Sigel released a track dissing Jay-Z. Initially, he stated this was not a free pass for rappers to begin sounding off on his former mentor. However, only a few months later, he brought 50 Cent into his feud with Jay-Z.

Following five months of disses, the most Beanie Sigel got was an offer of peace from Memphis Bleek, which he soundly rejected. Beanie Sigel had been credited as one of the most-respected rappers in the game until he sounded off on Jay-Z. In the time since he went at Jay-Z, Beans has also dissed Lil Wayne, T.I., and Drake. In a short span, he has lost all of his credibility and most of his fanbase.

Beanie Sigel said he felt The Blueprint 3, after listening to it, had some hidden disses, which were aimed at him and other members of the Roc. This was his initial basis for the feud and he feels “Haters,” the song by Jay-Z featuring Kanye West, was one of the many disses aimed at him. Only one year following the release of the song, Beanie Sigel has responded and he is not holding anything back.

On the song, Beanie Sigel continues his assault against Jay-Z over the “Haters” beat. Kanye West is not spared on the track, either. He takes multiple shots at his sexuality on the song, including the way he dresses. In the song, Kanye West is labeled “Ye Queeeeeer.” The song is likely to warrant yet another non-response from anyone from the Roc Nation camp.

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