Behind the Scenes: Rick Ross - "I'm Not a Star"

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Wiz Khalifa, is he the Future of Hip Hop?

By Mikey T The Movie Star
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Wiz Khalifa a break out star from Pittsburgh with writes ups in rolling Stones and label deals with the likes of Warner Bros. and currently Atlantic Records.

While in between label deals, Wiz released two street albums. These albums eventually gained the attention of Curren$y, a former Young Money standout.

A former it boy, it's no wonder Wiz Khalifa is a hot topic . Khalifa has done shows with Wu-Tang and has been invited to tours with the likes of Drake. Even Rick Ross has noticed Wiz.

He offered to sign Wiz to his fledgling Maybach Music Group label, but Khalifa is trying to stay independent to keep control of his career. Wiz Khalifa has a vision for his career an believes that he has to work on building his core before he goes to far left on his debut album, which will be released on Atlantic Records.

For this album, Wiz Khalifa wants to work with the likes of Cam'ron, 8 Ball & MJG, and he is working his own tour Waken Baken while promoting for his Atlantic debut in 2011.

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On the Rise: Yung Armani

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, hip hop has been sectioned off by regions across the nation. From the inception until the early 2000s, most rappers came from New York, Los Angeles, or Atlanta. However, in more recent years, 2006 until the present, hip hop movements are springing up from everywhere.

Among the places where new movements are being born is the state of North Carolina. Surprisingly enough, the latest artist being featured has roots in New York and New Jersey, but he calls North Carolina home. No, not Raleigh or Charlotte, Yung Armani currently lives a few miles from the coast in a town called Chinquapin, NC.

More specifically, Yung Armani is representing Pickett Bay, a popular highway in the community. Having been on the grind since 2007, big things are coming for the man nicknamed Valentine. His debut album will be released next year on All in One Records. He recently sat down with Hip Hop Vibe for an interview.

Read the interview below:

Q. Where did the name Yung Armani come from?
A. Where I'm from you gotta think big and when you can afford an Armani suit you're big. When I rhyme my aim is to be the best, just like an Armani suit, so I put yung on it and the rest is history.

Q. How are things coming for you now?
A. Man, stuff been poppin' off for a while now. I got a good team behind me with Barnhill (Justin Barnhill), D-Bo, and All in One Records and To The Max Ent., they helping me to reach my dreams.

Q. Who has inspired you the most?
A. My nigga Ray aka Fif, he always knew I was good, but he never hyped me up, cause he always knew I could be better. The reason I go in so hard is because I always had him tellin' me to go harder each time.

Q. Is there anything else you're involved in?
A. Of course, first and foremost, I am a business man and I brought all my fam in who keep they stuff movin. I teamed up with Tevan Savage and he hooked plenty of stuff up, now we gotta push Royal Gear the way it need to be pushed. But, in the future, you will see me expanding, feel me? We got some films comin up too.

Q. Can you give us more info about the films?
A. Not right now, just know that they gonna be hot!

Q. Now, the million-dollar question, when is the album coming out?
A. The album won't be here until next year, but the mixtape will be out around Halloween, check that out when it get here, shout out to all my fam, Fif, Brad aka Goof, Keem, all the Bay up in here, Barnhill, To The Max, All in One Records, Sharko, and I can't leave out Hip Hop Vibe!

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Drake to guest star on new MTV premiere

by Mark Thomas
Hip Hop Vibe Senior Staff Writer

On Monday (September 27th), MTV is set to debut a new live afternoon pop culture-driven show called “The Seven,” which will represent the seven must-know news stories of the day.

The show’s first live in-studio guests are Drake and the cast of the upcoming film, The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.

"MTV has played a pivotal part in my career from the beginning, and I look forward to being a part of 'The Seven' from the start,” Drake said in a statement about the new program.

In addition to the news, “The Seven”, which will be a daily, half-hour live studio based show, will feature live interviews and performances.

The Seven is hosted by former Chicago radio personality Kevin Manno and former “Mets Weekly” host Julie Alexandria, and is taped in front of a studio audience in New York’s Times Square.

“It’s become nearly impossible for our audience to keep track of all the issues that matter to them,” said Steve Tseckares, Senior Vice President of Special Programming and Production, MTV. “The Seven will cut through the clutter and serve as a daily curator of the seven must-know items of the day.”

"The Seven" is set to air September 27th at 5:00pm ET/ PT.

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Pusha T replies to Dipset and discusses G.O.O.D deal

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past month has been great for Pusha T. A few years ago, he attempted to land a solo career. Ever since 2002, he has been one half of The Clipse. The crew made multiple hits in the 2002-2003, but has fallen off since.

Earlier this month, Pusha T ended up signing with Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music label. Right when things began to look good, following his VMA performance of "Runway," the crew takes in a diss from Dipset. Dipset has been a long rival of Kanye West.

Despite his solo career seemingly taking off, Pusha T still wants people to know The Clipse still exists. But, at this point in his life, he wants to do something for himself. Currently, Malice is writing a book and doing a film.

Once he feels something good coming, Pusha T hopes The Clipse can come out with another album and more music can come from the Re-Up gang. Right now, Pusha is focusing on making the overall brand grow under the G.O.O.D. Music name. With the focus on the brand, Pusha T quickly dismissed the diss from Jim Jones, by asking if the "Runway" diss was good because he had not heard it.

Jay-Z discusses luck and His Career

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The story that is Jay-Z is full of amazing changes. Once a local-level drug dealer, Jay-Z became the biggest rapper in the game, and is currently one of the most important businessmen in the world. Even during his days on the street, this was all a part of his plan. Many people look at Jay-Z and say he has been lucky.

In a recent interview with, Jay-Z spoke about his career. During his climb from local thug into a big-name businessman, Jay-Z lost a lot of friends. One key friend who helped him rise was Jaz-O. Despite all Jaz did for Jay, they had a falling out in 2001 and have not spoken since.

For those who remember how he fell out with Jaz-O, it came as a shock when Jay-Z credited him for his success. Before he was invited to record with Jaz, Jay-Z was "involved with street things" and felt fortunate to have a legitimate opportunity. Gone for two months, when Jay-Z returned, he learned the operation had been shut down by law enforcement and his friend was sent to prison for 13 years.

Fast forward some fifteen years later and Jay-Z set the rap world on fire and held a corporate job as the president of Def Jam. Many people view his time at Def Jam as a waste because the talent did not have the proper time to flourish. For the first time since leaving the job in 2008, Jay-Z spoke on why things did not work out. Jay-Z said the ideas he had were ahead of their time and Universal Music Group did not have much use for them. He wanted Def Jam to buy clubs and television stations to promote the artists.

When he realized Def Jam and Universal were not going to allow him to properly push his ideas, Jay-Z decided not to renew his contract. Instead, Jay-Z decided it would be best for him to leave the career he has known goodbye. When he left Def Jam, he gave up all control of his creation, Roc-A-Fella Records and he created a new venture, Roc Nation, and went from being a rapper with a high position to being an international businessman.

Q-Tip working with Kanye West and Jay-Z

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Throughout his career, Q-Tip has played by the sidelines, silently creating hits. Most of his own music came from the group, A Tribe Called Quest. Outside of his 1999 breakout hit, "Vivrant Thing," Tip has been rather silent.

In 2006, Q-Tip released a song with Busta Rhymes, which was featured on NBA Live '06 called "For the Nasty." The production work was handled by Pharrell. Q-Tip has released two albums since that time.

Most of Q-Tip's time is spent working on new music, as he prepares to release his third album in three years. Aside from his own music, he is working with Kanye West on his upcoming album. Tip has also teamed up with Jay-Z for his secret new project.

Outside of music, look out for Q-Tip in upcoming movies and plays. There is also the possibility of a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest.

On the Rise: Harry O

By Mikey T The Movie Star
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The state of New York hip hop has been in a tough situation for a long time. Four years ago, Nas declared the genre of hip hop "dead." One year later, Ja Rule landed his comeback and promised to deliver the return to the classic hip hop. In 2008, Rule introduced the world to Harry O and the world was impressed with his sharp flow and delivery. Harry O has known Ja for some years and has been connected with superstars for some time.

Harry O has held down the mixtape scene for years. Ja Rule first announced his Mpire label in 2006 and the marquee player will be Harry O. Ja Rule has compared his movement to the Young Money movement and once he releases his album, the crew will be headlined by Harry O. There has been an audience for Harry O for some time and now he is ready to unleash his talents for the world to see. With new music frequently coming from him, Harry O sat down with me for another Mikey T/Hip Hop Vibe On the Rise exclusive.

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On the Rise: Ryan B. Hyeeze

By Mikey T The Movie Star
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

New Haven CT rapper, Ryan B. Hyeeze has been working the game for years through his label, Shut Your Mouth & Listen Ent. Hyeeze has been rocking the stages that made stars out of 50 Cent , Max B, and many others.

His music has been heard on various air waves an he has opened shows for the likes of The L.O.X.'s Styles P and Sheek Louch, along with Bully, as well as Domination & Camp Lo. Now working alongside Mikey T The Movie Star, Ryan B Hyeeze is on the hunt for a record deal working on his new street album Shut Your Mouth and Listen.

Check out his video, "Get At Me."


Juelz Santana shocked by Dipset's Kanye diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not even back together for a year and the Diplomats are already back on their game. Before their ugly breakup, the trio were known for making disses for Jay-Z. Most of their disses, aside from the ones made by Jim Jones, were ignored. But, after being in his shoes, Cam'ron decided to stop insulting Jay-Z.

After hearing the latest diss, even Juelz Santana was shocked. He was not shocked by the Jay-Z diss, but the line aimed at Kanye West. At times, Jim Jones took shots at Kanye, but Cam'ron never had anything negative to say about him. Mainly looking to work with more artists, Juelz Santana never dissed Kanye, either.

With things being cool for the past two years, Juelz Santana had reached out to Kanye West. Due to both rappers being a part of Def Jam, West agreed to feature him on his album. Santana had informed both Jim Jones and Cam'ron of the deal and they did not stop him from doing the collaboration. But, after they learned about the collaboration, they still went ahead and dissed Kanye.

Despite the verbal deal Juelz Santana made with Kanye West, he does not know if his record with West will make Dark Twisted Fantasy.

50 Cent sued for $200,000 for "Things Fall Apart" film

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It appears as if 50 Cent cannot stay out of trouble, the rapper finds himself embroiled in more controversy. Last week, 50 Cent was sued over his film, Things Fall Apart. While self-financing the film, the rapper reached out to Crispy Twig Productions for casting, agreeing to pay $5,000 a week for 19 weeks to the company.

The head of Crispy Twig was under the impression that cast members, James Caan and Diana Rodriguez, were under contract with the film. However, they recently revealed they had not made any commitment to the film. There were rumors of Mario Van Peebles directing the film, but there is no director on board either.

Starting in May 2010, the film was supposed to be produced in the state of Michigan. 50 Cent had lost over 60 pounds in order to play the role of a high school football player who discovers he has cancer. But, things ended up falling apart for 50 Cent, as he fell $90,000 behind in payment to Crispy Twig and the film has yet to come out.

Crispy Twig Productions is suing 50 Cent for $200,000 in missed business opportunities and the payments missed by the G-Unit general.

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