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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 30, 02:01 PM
    yes, new imac's will come, but sadly the will probably come without:

    1- Matte screen option (Isn't there an aftermarket for this?)
    2- USB 3 (Nah)
    3- Blu-Ray (Not a chance: BluRay is in a body bag waiting to be zipped in about 3 or 4 years)

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  • calculus
    Sep 12, 06:50 PM
    Okay, so it appears that owners of 5th generation iPods (before the latest release) who update their iPod software to version 1.2 get a few cool features that come pre-loaded out of the box on the latest 5th generation iPods, but not all.

    We get:

    � Gapless playback

    � Ability to adjust backlight brightness (I'm particularly excited about this, I've been wanting it for ages, I bet it increases battery battery life immensely with the brightness turned way down)

    � When rapidly scrolling through ARTISTS we get overlayed alphabet letters which correspond to where we are on our list

    � Ability to play games bought from iTunes

    We don't get:

    � New search function

    ** Video playback details yet to be determined

    You also get the letters searching albums - at the moment I am finding this feature a little irritating. I love the gapless playback and the backlight control. I downloaded tetris for nostalgic reasons and it works fine.

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  • SBacklin
    Apr 22, 09:27 AM
    when you are at home turn on your WIFI...

    why is this concept so hard to grasp?

    you are a different kind of user. 3 running copies at once?? you rely way too much on physical obviously this won't be for you.
    Ummm, what is so hard to grasp about using stuff when NOT AT HOME???? Why is being at home the focal point for you? Why do you assume that people and myself are only going to listen to music when at home? People do it away from home too. Also, I do use WiFi at home. I still have all my music and such stored locally. I have three running copies for one reason....HDD failure. Now, HDDs are inside the space available inside my PC tower so its like they're not even there. So you're right, this wouldn't be for me. Why should I have to pay AT&T more money just because Apple may potentially shake it all up. Nah way.

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  • dejo
    Mar 30, 11:32 AM
    Honestly the term "app" didn't even exist 5 years ago.

    Yes, it did.

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  • linux2mac
    Mar 22, 02:06 PM
    I just bought a refurbed Mac mini (HDMI) and was really surprised at how much horsepower that little C2D had to it! It is a GREAT Home Theatre Mac and am totally happy with my purchase! But if they put ThunderBolt in it and an i3 I won't be upset. This chips are getting to the point that they have beaten the software in the core-to-use ratio.

    Maybe I'm just getting older and refined in how I design but there are few times that I have to actually WAIT for my Macs to perform a filter or effect that 15 years ago would have caused me to take a coffee break while my old Mac crunched the info. I don't care if I'm using a MacBook or a MacPro... I'll design on any of them and be quite content.

    I totally agree. My C2D Macs ( I am a new Mac convert since 2009) are plenty fast for me even though the Apple haters on Mac Rumors are quick to tell me I have old technology with my C2D Macs. My Mini Server is one powerful little machine. I am running 3 virtual machines including a production web server and email server. The Macs "just work!" I can't say the same for my days with Windows.

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  • vwcruisn
    Mar 23, 05:45 PM
    Don't drink and drive.

    agree,.. but what about all of the other forms of dangerous/distracted driving? Cell phone, texting, eating, speeding, etc etc... shouldn't they all be punished similarly? why has DUI become 1000x worse than everything else?

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  • Porchland
    Sep 19, 05:07 PM
    Looking at some financials, I think Disney sells on the order of 100M DVD units per quarter, which comes out to about 7-10M units per week? 125k units through the online channel in one week isn't so bad. :) If they hit their $50M revenue target, that means they will see sales on the order of 1% of total home video sales? That's a fair start.

    And undoubtedly a better margin. I have not seen any concrete numbers, but I had read an article months ago speculating that a studio's margin on digitally distributed movies would be about twice the margin it receives on DVDs.

    Plus, for catalog sales, the is almost NO marginal cost; the films just sit on a server until someone buys them.

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  • Cougarcat
    Apr 30, 01:44 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Thunderbolt drives will be out this summer.

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  • Quartz Extreme
    Aug 31, 11:29 AM
    Merom MacBook Pro + Conroe iMac + speedbumped Mac mini + iTunes movie downloads + widescreen video iPod

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 30, 05:00 PM
    I agree 100% with the sentiment of what you're saying -- I think the matte vs. gloss thing is WAAAAY overblown, but just for argument's sake, remember that CRT have a curved front screen, not a flat sheet of glass. That's going to diffuse a lot of external light just by the nature of the design.

    Sure, maybe, but I remember not being able to even see what was on glass tube CRT monitor when the shades were open. Heck, TVs in summer ? :eek: While there may be virtues to the matte screens, I doubt it's as big an issue as some people make it out to be.

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  • shartypants
    Mar 29, 12:04 PM
    I don't see how you can project that far out, this industry changes too fast.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 13, 09:18 PM
    Not what i was looking for
    I wanted a smart phone wheres the keyboard ?
    i can buy an itunes phone right now from cingular but i dont want one
    what makes them think i will buy one now because its from apple and not motorola

    I think one of the main tenets to apple's philosophy is simplicity, from their iPods to their computer systems to their OS. I just could not see apple releasing something to a consumer market that would place it over the heads of everyday, casual users, which is who apple traditionally aims for. A smart iPhone would add way too much complexity for that basic demographic.

    If this is truly what to expect when the phone comes out, then it's obviously not for you. While I too would like to see something as you described, I also find the simplicity of apple products alluring. I'd be very interested in this product.

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  • brepublican
    Jul 14, 11:23 AM
    Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors have a plethora of new features including Intel Wide Dynamic Execution, Intel Smart Memory Access, Intel Advanced Smart Cache and Intel Advanced Digital Media Boost.

    Wow. Are all these features actually on an Intel chip? It's not obvious or anything :rolleyes:

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  • ssdeg7
    May 3, 08:41 PM
    I would choose a Trackpad over a Mouse

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  • ArcaneDevice
    Mar 23, 04:34 PM
    Honestly, do you think someone who is Drunk is going to be checking the app for the checkpoints?

    Eh, yes.

    There is more than one level of being drunk you know? Not everyone stumbles out of the pub and falls over. Those are the guys who are the least of the problem since they will be passed out before they can start the car.

    It's those that are arrogant enough to believe that even though they've been drinking more than the limit they can still drive just fine that are the problem. They are the people who can also send text messages they regret in the morning and take camera photos of their ass.

    Just because someone has been drinking it doesn't mean they can't fumble through a phone menu; but nobody gets killed by a poorly written text message.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 19, 10:59 PM
    See the roll eyes after his post, I think he was being sarcastic.

    While I agree with not listening to corporate run media, you are severely misguided if you believe the BBC is quality journalism.

    Watch John Pilgers "The war you don't see" to see just how they think they should report what world leaders say. It's shocking.

    John Pilgers? Does he reside in the US? Does he have a website?

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 19, 01:31 PM
    Wow. Good news for Apple and the future of the iTS in getting more studios on board. :)

    If Apple can just convince studios to release movies in 720p and 1080p formats, it would kill off the blu-ray / HD DVD rivalry once and for all.

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  • mrgreen4242
    Sep 5, 02:57 PM
    They already sell Showtime Shows on iTunes

    Ya, but not movies. They get certain distrobution rights that may cover some kind of download service (they have PPV/VoD broadcast rights, for example). They may be able to get a decent library of downloadable movies for a price that works for Apple... the fact there are Showtime shows on iTunes certainly shows they are willing to work with the iTMS, and the OP may be on to something...

    In any event, unless it's HD (720p is fine) I'm not interested. For that matter, when they give me Lost in HD (and a good way to get it to my TV) I'll check out the TV shows.

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  • abrooks
    Sep 26, 08:54 AM
    Include all the functionality of the Apple remote to allow the iPhone to drive your iTV and Front Row.

    "Mom, hold on a second, I need to change the channel..." :D

    *runs to local patent office*

    Apr 25, 09:24 AM
    IMO, progressive does not equal big government. In fact, progressives and conservatives probably want the same overall size, but weighted in different directions. Social vs Defense.

    Sep 16, 12:47 AM
    I have breaking news on the new super secret iPhone. here are some features just added to prototype #62QE91Z-004.2

    � teledildonics
    � 8 tracks of 88.2 kHz
    � extra bnc outputs
    � midi jack for ring tones
    � 9 core processor
    � stamps your passport
    � microwavabe
    � optional wood paneling
    � tv and radio tuner
    � dolby digital encoding
    � brita filter
    � updated version of manhole
    � hypercard
    � digdug
    � dictionary
    � todo list
    � windows media support
    � distributed processing support
    � 802.11ntrails
    � stereoscopic viewfinder
    � soap dispenser
    � silicon graphics core
    � limewire, torrent, napster
    � crank generator
    � pet moneky
    � built in projector
    � band name generator
    � bill gates voodoo doll
    � address book preloaded with shrubyas rolodex
    � built in ipod dock
    � LEDS... LOTS OF EM!!!!!
    � taste and smell sensor
    � navigation system
    � google maps
    � zippo

    more here (

    May 3, 10:12 AM
    Dual ports should have been on the notebooks as well.

    Sep 5, 03:56 PM
    Come on Apple, show us the HD. In a time when everyone's standoffish about HD because of the format wars Apple adopting the technology would mean you would never have bought into the wrong technology -- and eventually I imagine it would become the standard.

    Come on Apple, push the technology forward like you know you should. Please?

    Sep 14, 12:21 AM
    I actually like the idea. There could be a virtual dial on the screen like an old school phone.

    Silly me, though! :)

    The hell with that. Just put in a rotary dial. :)

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