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  • Genner21
    Apr 4, 12:47 PM
    You guys should read LA times..Looks like an officer got shot in the Face today in the morning as well..

    Chula Vista is not a walk in the park. I'm not surprised the security guards being armed, or the night guards at least.
    Also, i'm surprised on how many keep commenting without reading the article. Yes I know it wasn't stated before, but it has now been updated. 40 shots were fired for the millionth time. At least skim the article.

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  • evilgEEk
    Sep 5, 10:18 PM
    My Guess:

    Just think if that Data Center Apple bought was acctually a place to store alll the studios movies. Then you pay 9.99 for the rights to what ever movie and it is streamed Slingbox style to your Airport Extreme that has HDMI, Component, Composite etc outlets for your TV. Then you have your movie you bought anytime all the time but never have to take storage of your own, and never have to deal with downloading or anything.

    You heard it hear first!
    Actually, that idea has been pitched before. ;)

    I'm not sure if I would care for that sort of service though. I'm thinking I would most likely just burn off a purchased movie to DVD, as long as it's possible of course.

    Having it remotely hosted would be nice if you're going somewhere else to watch the movie, but that's dependant upon the fact that this "somewhere else" would most likely need this device as well.

    It's a solid idea, I just don't see Apple doing it.

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  • Michael383
    Apr 17, 05:08 AM
    I think Intel's support for both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 will be a good thing in the end.

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 10:49 AM
    Edited above. Re :gps

    Thanks for actually updating it and replying to me. That's refreshing.

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  • boncellis
    Sep 5, 07:25 PM
    There's no point in having a hard drive, why would you even want it if you can stream in real time from your computer? And why make it a "mini" size box when it can just be something tiny enough to hold AV outputs?

    This is what I had anticipated a while back, but Apple went and invested in the Mini as the quasi-set-top-box. I'm not saying it's not possible, but I wonder if they would change horses mid stream, as it were. I think the video AE would be cool, but it's not quite mainstream enough for regular folk. The Mini, on the other hand, would be sufficiently mainstream if Apple cut the price a little bit and made Front Row a little more robust (and included a DVI to HDMI cable ;)).

    Of course, I can see both sides of the argument.

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  • Silentwave
    Sep 10, 06:12 PM
    Maybe Steve will be using the new iChat Theater features of Leopard to do his keynote presentation ;)

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  • steviem
    Apr 11, 03:47 PM
    How many pints to a league does your car do?

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  • asdf542
    Apr 22, 11:52 AM
    It doesn't happen because what they should really be putting is Blu-Ray.
    If Blu-Ray was going to happen it would've been in the refresh of 2011 MBP's. I can't imagine the optical drive being around much longer in anything other than the Mac Pro.

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  • monaarts
    Apr 4, 12:14 PM
    Breaking a glass window means you can shoot someone in the head? Wow... He may be a criminal but that doesn't mean the security guard should've shot him.

    Then what justifies being shot? If someone raped a family member of yours, they deserve to just be put in jail and get out in a few months, right? This is justified, nuff said!

    - Joe

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  • SiliconAddict
    Jul 17, 02:38 PM
    Adding a mid-sized tower would be a bad move for Apple. They tried this before and the Cube lasted less than a year. Yes, the Cube was Apple's mid-sized tower. Apple knows that a mid-sized tower would either cannibalize their other lines (iMac, Mini and Pro) or suffer the same fate as the Cube.

    The cube was NOT a mid-sized tower. Heck it wasn't even a tower. The upgradability of the thing was partly what killed it but also the price and the funky design. All Apple has to do is take the G5, decrease it's size down to that of something the size of Dell's small form factors...

    and vola. You have a winner. The G5 design is there because of heat dist reasons. There is no reason that Apple can't have a high end dual CPU dual core design in the current G5 form factor and a single CPU dual core in in a smaller one that can still accom. 2 hard drives and an optical drive. We just replaced all the systems in our office with the above from factor. There is not a single person out of the 180 systems upgraded that doesn't love the extra desk space. Smaller is better when it comes to computers.

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  • Dagless
    Apr 11, 05:14 AM
    Lucky its not Sony. Those that exposed it would be in a never ending court case, and everyone's IP that visited macrumors would be subpoenaed by a federal judge.

    Not the same thing.

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  • dib
    Aug 29, 07:18 AM
    You upgraded RAM and HD through Apple?

    Yes. There are upgrade options on line, with extra discount for ed purchases.

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  • mac jones
    Apr 4, 12:29 PM
    Give the man a free Mac.

    (preferably, one without bullet holes)

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 20, 12:43 PM
    Every single search is localized in some sense. Google is keeping track of where you are based off GPS or IP address. This is why I don't have an issue with this; I'd rather have the file on my computer than with a company that we aren't sure is going to be on the good side for long.

    Unless you decide to work for Google (which from your comment, I presume your aren't), or if you get famous, then I'd say that the chance that anyone at Google would decide to look at any data they collected about you is abysmal. This goes for any information Apple collects too. Obviously, there's a risqu� for security breaches, but the chance that your info then would be accessed or used is also rather small.
    Not that it's not a problem.

    This is different. The information is made accessible to people around you. So, while an iPhone owner is away from the house, someone else, who will be a lot more interested in him or her, can access the log in their backup.

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  • CrackedButter
    Sep 19, 05:29 PM
    My point is...

    1) The Movies take up huge amounts of storage space.
    2) I hate having to always plug external drives into my iBook.
    3) We need redundancy for storing these movies we buy. An "external HD" just won't cut it.
    4) If I want to take my iBook on the road with me, then how are the other people in my house going to access the Movies and other media via iTV if it's stored on my iBook or some "external HD" which requires a host computer to be of any use.

    1) Thanks for reminding me, i forgot that fact.
    2) But you'll happily have a RAID array and plug THAT into your iBook?
    3) Yeah you said, a RAID array... a sort of external HD, but in an array.
    4) If you take your iBook on the road with you, then how are the other people in your house going to access the movies and other media via iTV if its stored on your "RAID array" which requires a host computer to be of any use?

    You have high expectations for Apple then? Its going to be some RAID array!

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  • rdlink
    Apr 22, 07:53 PM
    Enjoy it, I love my 13" :cool:.


    I've owned an early 2009 Macbook Aluminum, an early 2009 MBP with 8GB of RAM, an I7 iMac, and a Mac Mini server to go along with various Windows machines over the years. My MBA is the best computer I've ever owned. Fabulous!

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 20, 12:48 PM
    So did you opt-in that the government / law enforcement gets the tracking data of your phone (smart-phone,dumb-phone,whatever-phone) .... well does not really matter because they don't care if you opted in or not, they just store it on THEIR server (which is quite different than having it on my phone and my laptop with only me having access ... well its still stored on the government server)

    It's not the same issue. This is a problem with people close to you, be it a spouse, boyfriend, relative, or for that matter a cop lifting information from your phone.

    Personally, I encrypt, I restrict access. So this isn't a problem for me, but that doesn't mean that I don't see the major problem with it.

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  • emon878
    Mar 23, 06:51 PM
    Do a poll macrumors.... Us 6 want them pulled Now!!... the others not quoted want them to stay on the App Store for no real good or beneficial reason

    I'll give you a reason many people that use this are drivers who aren't drunk and just want to avoid the hassle. Like others have said if you are drunk enough this would be hard to use.

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  • SgtPepper12
    Apr 25, 02:32 PM
    Wow, I'm really impressed by all these people hoping for Liquid Metal. I'm wondering what they think that is, this "Liquid Metal". I bet they think it's something really cool, something that is completely different from anything that humankind has ever used in manufacturing (I mean, I read something like "Black Liquidmetal" in this thread. Wtf?). But truth is, if you held something in your hands made of Liquid Metal you wouldn't even notice the difference between that and anything made of aluminium, steel or any other shiny metal. It may be a very exciting new material for metallurgists or chemists but the consumer will probably just notice that it is a bit more durable and scratch resistant than aluminium (if at all, more likely in direct comparison only). It's the same thing as carbon. When I bought my first bike with carbon forks I was like "Holy crap this is real carbon, I bet this will change my life forever". In fact, it was just the same. Neither did it have a special feel to it. It felt like plastic, not very trustworthy. I liked how it reduced the weight (it was 15% lighter than my old bike all in all), but seriously, it wasn't a big deal after I got used to it. It will be the same with liquid metal. It has a fancy name and everything but for the enormous price of the material it has no use for the consumer whatsoever. It will also have traces of fingerprints on it, it will also get scratchy after some time and so on. Sure, it will take a longer time till it looks used, but nobody will think "This Notebook looks really bad. But hey, if it was made of aluminium it would have looked this way like two months ago. God, I'm so glad it's made of Liquid Metal instead".

    Mar 30, 12:25 PM
    I thought the poster I was referencing referring to the word "App"... apparently he wasn't. Yes, I know Apple are trading marking "App store".

    "App" is NOT BEING TRADEMARKED. "App Store" is. How do people not understand that changing/adding/subtracting letters actually changes words? Like the guy who repeatedly typed "using" instead of "suing" above?

    (why can't Windows give me easy access to an accent?)

    Sep 15, 09:50 PM
    It's September. There's three months until Christmas. Apple wont wait that long around this time of year without holding another consumer based event. What will the event be about? Or more importantly, what products will be at this event? Well there will be one product, one major one. The iPhone�. It's coming, and my bet is, it's coming before Christmas.

    The cool new iPods almost always come out at Macworld....before every kid's parents throw the christmas paper from the iPod released in September.

    Apr 22, 11:35 AM
    Should I be pissed having bought the new SSD MB Air 4 months ago?:confused: I deserved some TB speeds.

    Why? Do you have an external SSD array with a Thunderbolt interface? Power to you if so ;)

    Oct 12, 10:01 PM
    All I can say is this...

    I would buy a red iPod regardless of if the money went to a good cause. I think red would look sexy as ****.

    Apr 15, 03:49 PM
    Of course, what did you expect from an interface designed for keyboards, joysticks, and mice?

    Even USB 2.0 has a pathetic 50% effective utilization rate, while Firewire is ~95%. USB 2.0 is 480 Mb/s, which equals 60 MB/s, yet in real world speeds, you're lucky if you see 30 MB/s - HALF it's rated bandwidth. USB is just plain horrible for bulk data transfer, and the new 3.0 iteration is no different. The protocol overhead is atrocious.

    Of course USB also operates in slow horrible PIO mode, meaning it has to run everything through the host CPU. PATA, SATA, SCSI, Firewire, and Thunderbolt all operate in DMA mode, bypassing the host CPU for much much faster transfers.

    PATA has PIO modes too... You just have to work (or use a poopy old HD) to get it to turn on.

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