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  • jacollins
    Apr 20, 12:02 PM
    Password protect your phone. Password protect your computer. Nothing has changed.

    That forensic software the police has can bypass the password on your phone.

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 09:27 AM
    Der. No! The Conroe CPU is the desktop version of the the Merom CPU which is not currently used in any Mac.I don't get where this Conroe in the iMac thing came from either. The power it draws and heat it produces even puts the 970FX to shame.

    The bench marks show that the Conroe based CPU's are going to smoke the AMD competition. :)Yeah, the FX-62 has some competition. Even the 1.86 GHz model can compete in some tests.

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  • /Moke
    Mar 29, 02:25 PM
    Although SL does not have a stupid name like snap for being able to put windows side by side, we have been able to do it for years and it is one of my favorite features of OS, and what a concept allowing me to move a window where ever I want it and scroll through the page even if it is not active. All of you W7 humpers please try and "snap" two excel or word files next to each other. Oh that right you cant, because heaven forbid I would want to do that and work simultaneous on two MS office files.
    Not sure why people are complaining about the Cut feature either, dragging works great and and so does Cmd+x;c;v, respectively.

    Drag Left, Drag Right. Done.

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  • WildPalms
    Sep 5, 07:15 PM
    Why isn't Mr. Incredible on that logo? Am I the only one who thinks he should be?


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  • MonkeySee....
    May 3, 10:17 AM
    wow thats pretty cool with the option of the trackpad. I think its a must on any iMac. I couldn't live without it. :)

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 14, 09:29 AM
    What is it with some of you guys? Does hope spring eternal, or what!

    Apple could be at a medical convention to promote the new artificial Apple iHeart and some of you would be jumping up and down screaming: "Yahoo, this means MBP updates".

    What's with us? We want C2D MBP's. That's all.

    Though I'm very interested to see what's going to be announced at this event, outside of MBP's.

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  • jjahshik32
    May 3, 02:00 PM
    Probably, but it might depend on whether you can download the Windows 7 drivers from ATI, or whether you have to use Apple's dual boot drivers.

    Your question should be "can TBolt 'team' two channels for double bandwidth on one connection"?

    For your question, the answer is "yes" if you can have two simultaneous 10 Gb/sec links. For my version, the answer is yes if you can have one 20 Gb/sec link.

    Shipping sometime this summer - so the answer is "no, there are no TBolt devices available to buy".

    The real worry about this fact, though, is that no Apples have been tested with openly purchased TBolt peripherals. I wonder how many software updates, firmware revisions, or motherboard replacements will be needed before TBolt devices work reliably without kernel panics.

    I wouldnt worry about kernal panics or incompatibility issues with thunderbolt. Its like any other peripherals, its been heavily tested by apple and as long as other devices meets the requirements for thunderbolt, there will be no issues.

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  • mi5moav
    Sep 14, 09:50 AM
    I'm sure it's just an update to aperture along with a new aluminium skinned Apple video camera with 1/3 CCD and 100G HD. The future of video recording is on us and apple more than anyone knows about digital video. Though I'm realing hoping some sort of Leica/Zeiss/Apple announcement.

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 19, 02:22 PM
    this moel apple is using is fine, but 2 things need to happen, 1, much teh same as netflix, they should send you a blank dvd with case for each order, and secondly, like the music, all cover art should be given as well. it should be burnable, I would pay 9.99 for movie with the convinience of download, for this proce, even with the less quality if I could burn my own dvd, put it in any dvd player and watch it. but I want all teh artwork as well, so i can FEEL my dvd library growing,
    Why not just buy the DVD and save yourself the bandwidth and burn time?

    Oh ok... :) you might need sarcasm tags.

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  • vwcruisn
    Mar 23, 06:02 PM
    First of all, you can't stop people from sharing information of any type. If not here, then somewhere else; twitter with geotagging, perhaps. Second, as far as I know it's always been illegal to notify other drivers of a cop checking speeds. I would assume it's illegal to notify drivers of a DUI check point as well. If so, arrest the person posting the information, not the program.

    show me the law that says it'l illegal to notify other drivers of a cop checking speeds, or to notify the position of a DUI check point.

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  • iDisk
    Mar 23, 04:20 PM
    Personally I find it hard to believe that so drunk as to warrant avoiding a checkpoint will be collected enough to use the app effectively in the first place.

    Miles you make a great point... You also confirm that Apple better pull them, its a pointless app because if your so drunk then you can't operate a phone let alone an app.

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  • Josias
    Sep 10, 04:50 AM
    I guess Apple should'a put Conroe in the iMacs. Is there a chance this will mean Conroe will be in MacPro's?

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  • Eidorian
    May 3, 11:21 AM
    These iMacs have discrete chips supporting 6 displays, too. But they are crippled by Thunderbolt, like the MBPs.

    Do you think the MBPs will have the power for it also?As before, that support is entirely derived from ATI's GPUs and the available number of outputs.

    You can get 5 Mini-DisplayPort connectors on a single slot video card.

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  • Mitch1984
    Sep 14, 10:31 AM
    Well let's see, the picture is a camera, so I believe it will somehow relate to pro users and photographers.

    Thus I believe it will be:

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  • Kilamite
    Apr 22, 11:22 AM
    Woot Woot! Its a little sad though, about the SB IGP :(

    Yeah, I'm still unconvinced the Intel IGP is on par with NVIDIA's 320M IGP.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 19, 11:28 AM

    Samsung is a huge Conglomerate.

    In fact they built one of these.

    I'm well aware of that, but many here have no idea that Samsung is much bigger than Apple.

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  • bearcatrp
    Apr 20, 01:02 PM
    Section 4b of the software license agreement explains it all:

    Interesting read. Except it only mentions the iPhone. Doesn't say anything about the iPad.
    Apple isn't the only one doing this though. If you have a cell phone, your tracked. But everyone should know this anyway. I peaked at some of the data on my backup (listed earlier). According to the agreement about, states as long as your device is not identifiably, they can do this. Am pretty sure somewhere in all that data your device is identified. Example: plug your iPhone, iPod or iPad in another Mac, you get the warning your device IS synced with another computer.
    Will be interesting how this plays out.

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  • etoiles
    Sep 15, 08:19 PM
    It's been law in the whole country here for many years, not a stupid law at all and I've seen it enforced many times. If you're driving that's where 100% of your attention should be, just because you've got away with it before doesn't mean you always will.

    I agree.
    I should have said: the law has just been passed in California, sorry.

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  • kavika411
    Apr 20, 10:04 AM
    I wonder, if in this day and age of "find my iPhone" and all the location-enabled apps on an iPhone, if it's not actually harder-to-the-point-of-impossible to ensure such information is immediately, constantly erased.

    Mar 30, 12:30 PM
    App Store was not a generic or broad term used to describe anything before Apple made it popular. They put those two words together and created a brand out of it.

    That's not true. I always find it annoying when I hear "THE App Store".
    Which app store?

    Mar 29, 12:40 PM
    using the keyboard, how quaint

    Far faster than using the mouse. Mac OS X is very good at providing keyboard shortcuts, far better than Windows, although that may have changed with Windows 7.

    I don't even get the point of your snarky comment. You know damn well that the functions are also available via the menus and right mouse button too.

    Mar 23, 05:34 PM
    Isn't it possible that the heads up provided up this app (and friends, newspapers, etc) may make people who know they will be drinking later in the evening re-think their mode of transportation? Could be saving a life or two.
    Eh not really. If you've been drinking. Don't drive. Not a difficult dilemma to solve. No technology required to solve it.

    And if you are planning to go out and get hammered, take a taxi.

    I agree, no one could argue against that. However, for the guy who thinks he may be sober enough to drive: he checks his phone and gets discouraged by the local check points and decides to hail a cab.

    Seems like a very decent possibility of this happening. Could save a life, or many. For that alone, the app shouldn't be pulled.

    Mar 29, 11:16 AM
    By that point Steve will be long gone so this is easily possible.

    Sep 21, 11:40 PM
    Already I hear people grumbling that downloading these sub-DVD quality movies taking couple of hours even with high speed cable connections. HD quality would be about 6-8 times larger in file size and could take a day to download. Not sure if we are there terms of bandwidth.
    Where do you get 6-8x 720p has only 3x the resolution and 1080i is just slightly higher than that. Only 1080p is 6-8x the raw resolution, but compression tends to work better if you give it more data to work with so birtates do not scale linearly with the number of pixels, and it can often be closer to a square root, so 720p might only be 2x as long as current movies with 1080p 3-4x.


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