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  • Wilbah
    Mar 22, 01:13 PM
    That the "pro" line- as in Mac Pro tower - will be the last in the line of machines to get the "thunderbolt" connectivity option.

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  • evilgEEk
    Sep 19, 02:26 PM
    ... but I want all teh artwork as well, so i can FEEL my dvd library growing,
    I'm with you to an extent. I love the look of my DVD collection sitting there in the living room, it's nice to have the case with artwork and have it tangible. But at the same time, I have nothing against having all my movies browseable with iTV. If it's set up like the movie trailers are in Front Row, I'll be one happy camper. If it's just the title of the movie then that would be lame, but I'm sure they'll have "cover art" as well.

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  • Willis
    Sep 20, 06:15 AM
    You do know that all this talk of Wal-Mart only applies to the US? They mean nothing out in the rest of the world, which is where Apple is taking this service.

    Wal-Mart of big, but they are not that big.

    Apple can still make a lot of money with Disney for the moment, they have the hearts of minds of children everywhere and parents are inclined sometimes to do things for their children, including downloading movies.

    Then there is art house movies and independent movie companies which probably never see the light of day in a Wal-Mart store. There is to much going on that could be stopped by Wal-Mart.

    Sucks to be them but they are not exactly the nicest company around.

    Actually. Wal-Mart has a big stand in the UK. It owns ASDA which offers ALOT of crap for cheap prices. However, the cost of Cd's there are about the same as everywhere else even though it was cheaper at ASDA first.

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  • ctachme
    Jul 14, 09:20 AM
    The Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme are widely expected to make their Mac debut in Apple's PowerMac computers which are rumored to be released on August 7th 2006 at the World Wide Developers Conference.

    I want my MacBook Pro Core 2!!!.

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  • manu chao
    Apr 20, 11:41 AM
    every single time you do anything on the internet or cell phone, some device somewhere is keeping a log of it.
    And simply forcing all instances that keep logs of personal data to delete them after a short period would solve this.
    How hard is it to periodically delete old log files? It works fine for system.log, no reason this cannot also be made to work for other types of log files.

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  • h00ligan
    Apr 20, 10:44 AM
    Has to have some back and forth that could be tracked.

    Incorrect. You're confusing it with a location device. However as traffic receivers become more pervasive and ask you to report back for data. Yes.

    Gps by default is not 2 way as I understand it.

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  • zhenya
    Apr 11, 10:14 AM
    I agree with the guy who wants any iOS device to be the receiver of AirTunes music.

    I hear all the comments about Home Sharing and Airfoil, but both are only partial solutions that work in specific cases. I, personally, nt my old iPod Touch to function as a battery powered airport express - with some battery powered speakers attached, I can stream music anywhere (including the garden, etc) at the same time - perfect for parties. I could do that with AirFoil, but that means when I want to stream from my iPad to my Apple TV or Airport Express speakers in the living room I need a different solution. Plus i'm not sure the Apple Remote app will allow me to switch AirFoil sources on and off, which means I have to go back to my Mac to change them, it's not properly integrated, so not a great solution. Acceptable, sure, but far from ideal.

    With home sharing, your old iPod Touch already does this. It's just that you get to 'pull' the music from your library to your Touch, rather than pushing it from the computer to the Touch. Really, what more do you want?

    In reality, this is a much better solution than acting as an Airport Express, which only allows you to play one music stream to any or all devices. With home sharing, different devices can listen to different music at the same time.

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  • PlutoPrime
    Apr 28, 03:26 PM
    I hope there are extra expensive chairs lying around Ballmer's office today

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  • mikes63737
    Sep 12, 05:13 PM
    Can you say "One More Thing 2"? :D

    I'm glad that Apple isn't forcing all you with 5G iPods to buy new ones for the new features.

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  • FFTT
    Sep 10, 05:01 AM
    Interesting, but not sure how good the design is with 2 dual core processors
    back to back.

    I agree if Apple decides to use this at all it may be in a new smaller tower, or
    Intel will sell this in a more affordale prosumer market for P/C's only.

    Apple has gone server class Xeon in their Pro Towers, so it would be going backward
    using Conroes.

    I think you're right arn,

    Just because Apple has agreed to use Intel chips, does not mean that every Intel chip
    will be good enough to put in an Apple product.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 24, 11:51 PM
    Why do I feel like you are one of the people who purposely try to slow people down because you need to be on some higher moral ground and make sure the entire world does the speed you believe is safe?

    Sorry, but I'm not. I try and avoid idiots on the highway. But why do I get the feeling that you are going to tell me that driving 90+ is perfectly safe cause you are such a wonderful driver.:rolleyes:

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 19, 06:39 AM (

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  • oootle
    Sep 5, 12:12 PM

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  • toddybody
    Apr 30, 07:34 PM
    That display isn't happening this time.

    Huh? Youre under the impression that it will have less resolution than before? :confused:

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  • Satori
    Apr 11, 01:50 AM
    They'll change the key and force a firmware update on any airport express user who wants to update itunes.

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  • mgguy
    Apr 25, 10:28 AM
    So it seems that the OP may be a liar or have memory recall issues, considering the inconsistences found in his prior posts. Is there a MR rule for that?

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 19, 09:18 AM

    While I didn't buy my HTC Android because it "looked nice," I did buy it because it was the most iPhone-like phone experience at Sprint at the time. I now pay for that decision everyday (iOS 1.0 puts Android 2.2 to shame) and cannot wait for my contract to be over. Steve Jobs would put someone's head on a pike in front of 1 Infinite Loop if Apple ever released an OS this half-baked. Say what you will about Apple's walled garden, but the Android market is more like a flea market complete with grifters. I've given up buying apps after too many that caused frequent crashes.

    Verizon iPhone 5, you cannot arrive soon enough.

    iOS 1 puts Android 2.2 to shame?

    Now you are just talking out of your @ss. In all honesty the difference between iOS and Android is so subtle.

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  • paradox00
    Apr 15, 10:16 AM
    It's be a good idea if Thunderbolt was capable of handling USB 3 as well, like the thunderbolt port in the MacBook Pro can also do mini display.
    I guess that way it'd at least be used more, but also nobody would be uncertain about getting Thunderbolt because they know even if it is a flop the port is still useful...

    It is, provided the system supports USB 3.0 which the current macs do not (but IvyBridge ones will). The only reason people think it will flop is because they don't understand what it is (it's an extension of the PCIe bus, not a USB 3.0 replacement).

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  • h00ligan
    Apr 20, 10:53 AM
    Is there a windows app for reading the data... Or cydia?

    Apr 20, 08:04 PM
    But then again, these people would rather force everyone to pony up the dough rather than take a hit to their lifestyles.

    To borrow a phrase, if you (they) don't like it, leave.

    As someone pointed out in another thread, about half of colonial Americans sided with the British. After the revolution, they didn't get to split America into those who remained loyal to the British crown and those who did not. A society moves as a whole, obeys laws as a whole, or it is not a society at all.

    Sep 5, 05:48 PM
    i know, but in that case apple has to port front row to windows. Or they have to implement front row into itunes or something like that, so that it will work exactly the same way on windows as on mac. as long as they have itunes installed. but that way, all media files (movie store movies, avi, divx, video_ts folders and even photo's) should be stored inside itunes.

    Given all the magic that makes Front Row possible is quartz and quartz is just an Apple specific layer to the OpenGL language, which can run purely on the the GPU, then really Airport A/V is just an upgrade that includes a GPU.
    The ARM cpu of the current Airport could do what is does now, plus the minor extra work of handling the remote control.

    That gives you the same expirence with the Airport connecting to either a Mac or Windows on the network.

    Sep 4, 07:05 PM
    I'm confused. Movie downloads for $10?!? What happened to the whole "Jobs is hammered by the movie industry into movie rentals only" ?!? This CANNOT possibly mean renting a movie for $10!! :eek:

    My bet is that it's low-res/iPod quality video for purchase. Apple/Steve Jobs have yet to get into the home theater business. So far it's been the mobile entertainment business only. Movie rentals (or purchase for that matter) at home theater quality is a whole other enchilada.

    Watching 320x240 movie on my 42" plasma would sort of suck and not be competitive as others have metioned. Would I buy a $10 movie to watch on my iPod? mmm....probably a few to keep me entertained on the treadmill and my son entertained on roadtrips.

    Mar 23, 04:25 PM
    Oh god no I hope apple doesn't cave to this kind of Orwellian garbage. I feel for all of the victims of DUIs and know that I have personally called the police on a car that was very obviously had an impaired person behind the wheel but as a non drunk driver if I want to avoid being hassled I should be able to.

    First of all, DUI checkpoints aren't so frequent that they provide every day hassle to drivers...secondly, they take a very short amount of time to go through (if you havnt been drinking, Cops know). Besides, how is this Orwellian at all? Apple isn't being asked to report users of the application or anything. Sorry man, but if it saves 1 life from drunk's the right thing to do.

    Nov 13, 01:18 PM
    the tide is turning against Apple here, they need to clean up their act and get this whole thing working better.

    i understand the walled-garden approach and respect that, but they also need to get the store cleaned up/organized and they need to work better with developers - which might just mean hiring more people to work with them on a daily basis.

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