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  • eye
    Mar 23, 06:25 PM
    Pull them... As trauma surgeon I see the tragedies caused by drunk drivers EVERY Day. Whoever is on agreement to provide means to avoid check points is invited to my local trauma center to see the victims and their families. If we can save one life, one innocent student or parent, even someone who made the mistake of drinking and driving... I would consider this worth.

    Besides, the cost of taking care of those who do not die, but spend weeks months or years in the hospital due to a drinking related accident is enormous.

    Speed radars are another big issue. In my state, its ok to refuse a helmet while driving a donor-cycle, as we call them, yesterday alone, we lost one kid who is waiting for transplant procurement and half a dozen were admitted with severe injuries most of them traumatic brain injuries while driving motorcycles.

    And what if the apps encourage people to not drink and and drive? You're basing this on nothing. No facts whatsoever on whether or not this will promote or make drunk driving easier. Please don't be my surgeon if you're not into facts.

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  • holycat
    Sep 12, 03:10 PM
    a liTTLe bit disappointed...:mad: :mad:

    i wiLL still buy this 80Gb iPod with the iMac 24`:p :p

    my 1st iPod and 1st Mac machine

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  • cleric
    Apr 22, 01:55 PM
    Youtube is a problem. The Intel 3000HD still isn't supported by the Video Decode Acceleration Framework (VDA for short) that Apple released in 2010 to enable Adobe to implement hardware decoding of H.264 video. So right now, a MBA is offloading decoding to the nVidia 320M, while a new SB MBA would revert to standard CPU decoding, throwing us back to the dark ages of ****** Flash, where we now have passable Flash.

    If thats the case it pretty much makes it useless, especially when there is an official version of VLC with h264 acceleration.

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 02:09 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

    I'm the guy I hope you kill so they put you away where you deserve to be.
    Wow, and I'm the immature one???
    guess what.
    This thread could be enough to get a warrant to prove your who you are.
    Also Arn could easily hand over you IP tracing you down even father along with your email address which is all legal and could be submitted to court as he freely handed over his privates data to the cops.
    sure Arn could do that, but then the cops have to prove that I actually did this, and they also have to prove who at my house typed this. It could be me, it could be my mother, it could be my brother, it could be my grandmother. There is no way to know who actually typed this. That's where it all falls apart.
    OP, I do find it amusing you think you know the intricacies of the law just because your uncle is a judge

    Until you have the education/training yourself, I would not be so confident in your opinions...especially as one who has not even finished hs

    I also advise you to stop digging yourself in a hole. I feel you are rapidly losing any credibility/respect that many long time posters previously had of you due to this very, and I mean very childish and selfish mindset you are exhibiting in this thread
    If a few people on MacRumors find me to be childish, I really couldn't care less. Believe me, what you guys think of me is not going to ruin my chances of getting into an Ivy League school, or from becoming a successful adult.


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  • gri
    Apr 25, 02:46 PM
    Well they arent going to get worse are they!!

    They could, e.g. by leaving out features we got used to and like (see back lit keyboard in current MBA)

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  • generik
    Sep 10, 05:35 AM
    The iMacs will NEVER see Kentsfields. Apple would have to have put Conroe in the new iMacs for that even to be a remote possibility. Even if they had I would still say it would never get Kentsfields.

    I mean people are saying that Conroe is too hot for the iMac as it is (I don't think they are) but Kentsfield is two Conroe dies on one package. Meaning almost double the power consumption and heat generation.

    The iMac is huge (relatively speaking), are you telling me such a huge enclosure won't be able to dissipitate an extra 30W or so? It is only around 30W more!

    Like it or not Apple will have to somehow fit the Kentsfield into their lineup, cos their advertising campaigns are going to look very lame when Dell simply cops their "switch" campaign style and come out with a "PC" with 4 heads and a "Mac" with only 2.

    When Kentfield replaces Conroes and every $999 Dell ships with quad core, it is quite hard to justify buying a dual (in Apple's case, a $2000+ quad)

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 01:54 PM
    Does a 1333MHz bus matter? (

    Not only is the Anandtech Article one of the better ones, they simulated a 1333 bus speed with the X6800-EE processer, and came up with an overall inprovement of 2.4%, with DivX 6.1 providing a 7.5% boost!

    Also, to quote the article:

    "If Apple does indeed use a 1333MHz Woodcrest for its new line of Intel based Macs, running Windows it may be the first time that an Apple system will be faster out of the box than an equivalently configured, non-overclocked PC. There's an interesting marketing angle."


    I like Anandtech, they are very fair to all sides and give the facts.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 29, 06:43 AM
    If Apple wants to be competitive on a hardware and software basis Apple will have to make sure they release the best possible Intel Processors they can get their hands on. Apple really needs to release Core 2 Duo products by september, they could afford to stockpile chips in the G5 days but now it's Intel and the competition is releasing products with similar specs as Apple.

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  • mrkramer
    Apr 25, 01:51 AM
    I wouldn't go so far as to kill someone. If I killed them, how could they learn a lesson?


    You won't be intending to kill someone, but if you get in an accident at or above freeway speeds, you or someone else will be killed wether you are trying to kill them or not, and even if you game the system to get off of any charges you will still have to live with the fact that you killed someone.

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  • aly
    Sep 14, 08:50 AM
    I love the way we all jump on even the slightest glimmer of hope that updated MBPs will be released soon. With every hint of an annoucement everyone figures a way that it must be the perfect oppurtunity for apple to release the MBPs. Don't get me wrong though, I'm right there with you!!!:D Bring on Photokina!! It just seems too perfect, two annoucements with in a day of one another :)

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 05:58 PM
    Wow, you really don't get it.

    Watching on the tv is exactly what this is about. The whole point is that you don't need to have a *computer* or even a *hard drive* next to the TV since you can just stream the video from a computer ANYWHERE in your house.

    Seriously, did you even look at the picture you responded to?

    Yes I did milo.And it's a fine rendition :)

    Only thing is one still has to connect some kind of A/V cables to the TV..

    Think about that concept.

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  • skwert
    Sep 13, 09:06 PM
    Not what i was looking for
    I wanted a smart phone wheres the keyboard ?
    i can buy an itunes phone right now from cingular but i dont want one
    what makes them think i will buy one now because its from apple and not motorola

    their amazing design and interface...the reason why people buy all their other stuff. not to mention the sexy idea of ichat mobile

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  • DHUK
    Sep 1, 08:18 AM
    I'd say a refresh of the Mac Mini and/or iMac might happen. Why would they call both of the existing models 'early 2006' (esp. the mini) in this page.

    Thirty One Thermal Tote. So Tami sent me a thermal tote to check out and review for her. Well as much as I love Thirty One Gifts I could hardly wait to get this in the mail lol.
  • So Tami sent me a thermal tote to check out and review for her. Well as much as I love Thirty One Gifts I could hardly wait to get this in the mail lol.

  • HecubusPro
    Aug 31, 01:28 PM
    It may rely on a few extra things though. Let's say, a video iPod with a big capacity

    Yeah, I hope when the new video iPods come out, storage capacity will be up'd as well. Honestly though, I've so many movies and tv shows on my 30gb video iPod right now, I don't think I'd need much more than a 60gb if I were to upgrade.

    On my 30gb video iPod I've got stuff like all 3 of the LOTR Extended Edition movies, around 150 eps. of various Star Trek tv shows, about 30 Kids in Hall eps., all 3 Star Wars films, tons of music videos, a couple of Harry Potter movies, an anime flick, a bunch of Sealab shorts, some South Park eps. all of the Indiana Jones films, and a few more things. I still have over 7GB free for music as well.

    Having an even bigger capacity drive on my iPod video--I'd go nuts. :)

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  • Papajohn56
    Mar 23, 04:47 PM
    Chuck Schumer is one of the worst senators we have.

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  • MattInOz
    May 3, 09:16 PM
    I think I covered enough :)

    Dude.... the glass is half full because it's a very nice red and it needs room to breath. Don't worry there is plenty more in the bottle.

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  • Archmagination
    Oct 12, 09:43 PM
    I think the clintob poster who is talking about Africa's problem just isn't explaining himself very well. U2 African AIDS charity is good, but it won't come near to solving the problems of Africa and it isn't just because it won't produce enough money, but it will mainly be because it wont be able to change Africa's culture.

    Africa is the most backwards continent in the world.. it has for the most part retained its history and culture.. stubbornly refusing to evolve their history and culture to follow the rest of the world into the 20th and 21st century. Now Africa is paying the price with massive poverty, civil wars and the AIDS epidemic. Its Africa's culture that is causing the AIDS epidemic.. to stop the spread of AIDS in Africa you must destroy Africa's culture.. clintob is saying that those who follow Africa's culture and refuse to change will die and should die because they refused to evolve.

    For instance I read an TIME article where a popular 'cure' in a African country for AIDS was for the man to have sex with a VIRGIN!! Even though certified doctor's were running around all the villages in this country saying that it wasn't a cure that they would only spread the disease. Nobody listened to the doctors.. Why you may ask.. because the shamans said that the doctors were quacks and that the cure was to sleep with a virgin. Needless to say last time I checked that country had over 50% of its people with AIDS. I think they said 75% or so.

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  • TheNightPhoenix
    Sep 12, 06:19 PM
    Hope you get your iPod to work,

    Interesting note, new videos load quicker on the most recently purchased iPod.

    For now i'm off to bed.

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  • AidenShaw
    Mar 29, 02:14 PM
    Just FYI...

    File size wouldn't affect performance at all, as long as you're copying between locations on the same drive. The "file" that you see in the GUI is actually a link to a location on disk where your data is; all the OS has to move is the link, which is very tiny.

    That's correct for "moving" a file, but not for "copying" a file. A "copy" needs to be just that - I can edit the copy without changing the original. If the two directory entries are links to the same file, then a change to the "copy" would modify the "original" - which is cleary unacceptable.

    Bookmark this and pull it up in 4 years...

    Are you suggesting that an internationally respected technology analysis firm might have more of a clue than the fans on MacRumours? ;)

    Sep 19, 01:53 PM
    just depends on your connection.

    some people have extremely fast connections, of course, and others are still on the horse and buggy.

    Aug 24, 04:37 AM
    You have to wonder how tenuous Apple's position was considering that they have settled so early (in huge lawsuit time). 100 million dollars is a lot of money to spend to get Creative off their back.

    Hardly any at all. Apple has $10 billion in cash in the bank.

    Even at a measily 3% interest, Apple will make $300 million in interest alone, not accounting for the fact that they are adding about $3 billion to their cash horde per year.

    To look at it another way, iPod will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue going forward for Apple. For Creative to settle for a measily $100 million out of tens of billions means they were desperate/forced to settle. Considering Creative all but accused Apple of stealing their design to make the iPod, settling for pennies on the dollar is not a sign that Creative was bargaining from a position of strength.

    Rather, it was Apple probably dictating the terms.

    Look at it another way. RIM - the makers of Blackberry - settled with NTP for $450 million after spending tens of millions of dollars and years fighting NTP in court. NTP, like Creative, claimed RIM infringed on important patents in making the popular Blackberry device.

    During fiscal RIM made $2 billion total revenue. That's about as much iPod makes each quarter.

    In other words, NTP was able to extract 4.5 times the licensing fee for a product that generates just 1/4 of the iPod's revenue.

    I don't think it was Creative who won here. Creative, most likely, was desperate to settle so it could move onto other, more important battles, like figuring how it can survive the Zune onslaught (which is why becoming a paying member of the "Made for iPod" club is suddenly significant).

    Aug 28, 12:11 PM

    Mar 22, 05:33 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    What is it with the 24"? I would like to see something larger than 27 (as I have 30" already). Mini refresh would be nice - then I'd keep my 30".
    They need to do it soon or people will wait for Lion before upgrading their hardware.

    Mar 29, 11:43 AM
    What? I don't get it.

    You cannot CUT and paste in SL, only COPY and paste using the built in OS shortcuts.

    I hate having to open two folders just to drag a file to MOVE it, so I had to pay $4 in the MAC App Store to get that functionality...

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