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  • robeddie
    Apr 25, 01:57 PM
    I love the way the Arn writes "the next revision of Apple's MacBook Pro line will utilize a new case design for the first time in several years."

    It's been a couple years. 2 years, 6 months to be exact. He writes as though this design has been around for like, forever!

    The previous aluminum design remained almost exactly the same (except for some almost inperceptable thinning when it became the MacPro) from Jan 2003 (the powerbook G4) to October 2008. 5 YEARS AND TEN MONTHS!

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  • 22Hertz
    Mar 29, 11:31 AM
    I predict in 2012 the world comes to an end

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  • dwman
    Apr 4, 11:54 AM
    The security guard just saved CA taxpayers a nice chunk of change.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 08:14 AM
    This is the GUI wars all over again... Last time Apple sued Microsoft for copying their GUI desktop to make Windows....

    (and no Xerox didn't invent that they invented windowing not really a desktop Apple did that bit.)

    Anyway Apple lost and Microsoft took over the world while Apple dwindled to a market share of less than 5%.

    I don't think they want that to happen this time....

    Youre worried that Samsung Phones will start outselling iPhones? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good one man! Good one!

    Seriously though, I dont think Apple has anything to worry about...and should stop being so flippant in their lawsuites. What happens when Apple incorporates some much needed Android-esque notification system in iOS? Sorry, but rounded edged square icons and side swiping UI isnt unique. Leave Sammy alone Apple!

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  • mojohojo
    Apr 19, 10:10 PM
    i'd probably be called an apple-fanboy from friends because having now own a macbook pro, macbook, ipods, iphones and ipads but this kind of **** apple does is probably what will make me hate apple and boycott their products if there were any other good alternatives currently on par with apple.

    what i see is Samsung being a major distributor or hardware to apple, apple first finds alternatives companies for their hardware (sony, LG) and once they have find all the hardware replacements they go and sue [backstab] them?

    Apple should know their products are far superior and better currently on the market, if other competitors are coming with close products, they should just improve on them rather than trying to shut everyone down and be some monopoly. everyone knows competition is what drives our development.
    i can see this thought surely must have come straight from Steve Jobs from his big ego and dickhead personality; he 'would' be the type of guy to have a 2 face - pretending to be nice to Samsung for all their parts and backstabbing once he finds out they're producing similar products thats gaining market behind the iphones.

    you know what, **** apple and steve jobs. no more pity for jobs and whatever illness he's suffering from, probably deserves it, karma. samsung is one of the fatest developing tech companies that will soon beat Sony and i do hope they beat Apple and job's ass.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 01:12 PM
    Let me clarify, i made my decision before this news was posted here. I really dont see nothing wrong with waiting on this refresh especially if it will be a huge step forward(which i believe it will be).

    Its fine, but if you need it get it, if you dont then wait, at the end of the day this is a rumor.

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  • koruki
    Apr 19, 03:47 PM
    So what? They're already getting sued by Apple, so what's another lawsuit? Point is, contract breach or not, Samsung could cripple Apple's whole ecosystem within days by halting all processor shipments. Apple makes the vast majority on iDevices and this would kill Apple's whole economic model. And this doesn't even account for Samsungs components that go into their Macs. As a result, Apple would have no hardware to sell. They would dip into their treasure chest. It could be devastating to Apple.

    Yeah cause a contract breach takes just as long to prove a IP suite. They'd get slapped so fast they wont know what hit them, not to mention other companies would see it as samsung being cowboys for mixing their two business up.

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  • DrDomVonDoom
    Apr 20, 11:08 AM
    In my experience, I immediately assume that using any electronic device with some kind of attachment to the internet, that what I am doing is splayed across the airways and collected by various agencies, be them Ad agencies, government agencies etc. I already know that I can be tracked, and called listened to, with no warrent. After those two privacies are gone, this doesn't seem like a real big deal to me.

    Its gonna sound douchey, but the odds are, astronomical vegas odds, that no one gives a **** who you are and where your at currently. Unless your a criminal, then who gives a ****? People love to heap worth upon themselves that doesn't exist. Your not a political figure, your a ******* with a iPhone working at McDonalds, calm the **** down and stop worrying about the government tracking you down and concentrate on my Hash Browns.

    As far as I can see I don't have a problem with law enforcement agencies being able to see into it, I have nothing to hide.

    Maybe if we were on a Android open system this might be a problem. :P

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  • mcmadhatter
    Sep 12, 02:11 PM
    I hope Apple releases an iPod software update so those of us who already own 5th generation iPods can take advantage of all these new features.

    so do I, because I bought a game thinking it would work with my 5th generation ipod and it doesn't :(

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 16, 10:38 PM
    Paying higher taxes in Canada is well worth the benefits here IMO.

    So I guess when/if you return to the states you'll be a liberal?

    Good for you for finally seeing the light! :D

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  • zero2dash
    Jul 14, 10:44 AM
    Conroe benchmarks posted on AnandTech ( are really good.

    The overclocking features are even more impressive.
    The $316 E6600 with a 2.4ghz cpu clock speed was air overclocked to 4ghz stable. ON AIR. I shudder to think of what they could do with liquid cooling.

    This brings me to think another thing - conceivably Apple could forego the whole "Quad Woodcrest" setup (which will undoubtedly cost a boatload) and they could simply take a Core 2 and (with Intel's help) overclock it with the current air flow setup of the G5 case, and probably double cpu clock speed at a cheaper price.

    But they won't do it. :( a) retail systems (save for the overpriced Dell XPS lineup) aren't usually overclocked and b) it would screw up their whole price scheme. It does bring up another interesting point though...people could coincidentally *possibly* overclock their [Core 2] Macs (since the technology is there in the cpu itself)...for the first time ever? We could see iMacs potentially being overclocked to outperform a Mac Pro. (if someone figures out how to do it that is)

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  • Chris Bangle
    Sep 1, 03:55 AM
    It had better do. The British public (those who pay license, which like 99% do) has the legal right to every single piece of footage, news story, radio recording etc. etc. the BBC has ever produced, but we have access to about 1% of it.

    It's a big point of controversy here. Partly it's been due to technology limitations, but pretty soon there'll be no excuse, and the BBC should be right off the bat finding new ways to deliver what belongs to us.

    Thats why I download top gear!!!!

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  • Hattig
    Mar 29, 12:56 PM
    LOL you will not get 25 GB free from Apple, you'll be lucky if they give you 5. LOL!

    Why do you say that? This is exactly the sort of thing that Apple likes to overprovide with. 50GB, maybe even 100GB, wouldn't be a surprise. They've got to use that data center for something...

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 4, 12:24 PM
    Interesting how a security guard is allowed to have a gun. Interesting to see what happens to him.

    Read the articles in the links.

    I'm amazed that so many people are basing their judgment of the "head shot" on 3rd person shooter games and CSI. In the real world, anyone with training will always be aiming for the center of mass, and where he actually hits depends more on luck than anything else.

    In other words, just because the criminal was hit in the head, doesn't mean that the security guard was aiming for his head. A mall security guard with a pistol shooting at a moving target during a gunfight doesn't have the accuracy of a Marine sniper shooting a sniper rifle at a stationary target.

    You are quite correct. Anyone with gun experience knows this. It's not a video game, it's not a movie. And the whole scene takes place in a matter of seconds. I'd like to see what the armchair cowboys would do in the real life situation.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 12, 01:20 PM
    It's certainly better than an red, glossy 1G nano - hopefully it would have the proper matte, anodised finish of the current nanos rather than the glossy coating ColorWarePC use to do their custom iPods.

    Not too bad though...

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  • briloronmacrumo
    Mar 22, 11:52 PM
    GeekBench 2 benchmarks of the new MBPs with Sandy Bridge would indicate otherwise. This review said: "....the fastest MacBook Pro is 80% faster than the fastest previous-generation MacBook Pro.". My guess is a similar situation might be true for the iMac and it will be faster ( otherwise, there's little point to a rev )

    PatrickCocoa assesses the current iMac as being more than fast enough ( i.e. "won't be any slower"--or words to that effect ). Clearly, the current iMac exceeds the computing needs of most Mac users.

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  • adnoh
    Mar 22, 02:15 PM
    a quiet spec bump with no external changes sans thunderpants would not surprise me.

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  • IngerMan
    Apr 30, 07:39 PM
    Similar, but not the same. The new design came out in October 2009.

    New sizes, new aspect ratio, removal of plastic from the enclosure, removed the outer aluminum bezel, etc. And new guts, of course.

    Yes you are correct. After a little digging is was a considerable upgrade. Even though the look stayed close. I almost wish mine would take a bomb so I would upgrade.

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  • Billy Boo Bob
    Mar 30, 01:38 PM
    I don't claim to know a thing about trademark law, but looking at this simply I find it difficult to understand how the term "Windows" can become a trademark but "App Store" cannot.

    Amen, brother... M$ wants to have it their way but not allow anyone else to do the same.

    Apr 23, 02:47 AM
    I'd disagree based on the last demo by intel.

    Thunderbolt uses DisplayPort 1.1a which is not as good as DisplayPort 1.2 already found in some GPUs.

    Apr 22, 03:00 AM
    I hate this cloud crap. All just an excuse to take away the consumers control of what they buy or use.

    We need a boycott.

    You'll go nutz in couple decades when our CPU's aren't even in our homes anymore. Start to get used to the idea of "cloud" slowly :)

    Mar 29, 03:06 PM

    Awesome to see Android on the top with Windows. It's about time opensource started taking off. Enough of this Apple closed source junk.

    UHM... iOS is far more open-source than windows is. Nice try... Android might be more open-source though, I'm not sure.

    Aug 31, 01:47 PM
    I wonder if it will still be called the iTunes Music Store?

    Sep 26, 10:51 AM
    Wonderful... why would Apple choose the carrier with the worst coverage and customer service (well, besides Sprint)??? T-Mobile or Verizon would be better choices...

    You know, if Cingular didn't spend the $$$ to get all of the cool phones first, I think they would be out of business by now... If someone has had a different experience with Cingular, please let me know ;)

    I still think Apple should go the Mobile Virtual Network Operator route ala Virgin Mobile, Helio, Amp'd, mobile ESPN, etc.

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