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  • DeathChill
    Apr 16, 10:47 PM
    I can't wait to see what people will come up with for Thunderbolt. I am disappointed that Apple hasn't released a cable for your iPhone/iPad though =/

    It would be pointless until an iPad/iPhone came out that supports Thunderbolt. The current dock connector is limited to USB 2.0 speeds.

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  • jackvalko
    Apr 4, 11:46 AM
    Wow, I heard the ipad2 was a killer product.

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  • Balli
    Aug 29, 05:34 AM
    I imagine Santa Rosa would be long gone by summer '08.

    Why? Is Santa Rosa not due out around spring / summer 2007? I am sure it will still be around a year after it is released.

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  • bubbalwz
    Sep 12, 02:47 PM
    Kind of a huge gap, don'cha think? For an extra $100 I can nearly TRIPLE the capacity? Why would I even consider a 30 GB model?

    Shoulda been 60gb and 80gb like originally reported on some outlets. I could actually see myself buying the cheaper one then.

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  • DavidCar
    Jul 14, 12:36 PM
    So how soon should I expect to see a Merom in a MacBook? "Some months later," or "many months later" than it's appearance on a MacBook Pro? Why not sooner? Just to differentiate the product lines? I thought Merom would replace Yonah in general. I read one report suggesting Merom would be introduced at the same time as the Conroe official introduction near the end of this month.

    BTW, Hannibal posted his opinion of Core 2 Duo on Ars, along with his opinion of most other reviewers:


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  • sfh
    Mar 23, 05:06 PM
    There are plenty of websites that do the same thing so therefore they need to petition the websites to censor their sites if they are going to ask apple to censor their app store.

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Apr 30, 04:12 PM
    I couldn't possibly be happier to hear this news. Bring on May 3rd. I've got cash in hand.

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  • Zeldain
    Mar 22, 01:11 PM
    What about the Mac Pro? It's way past due, would that come first, before the iMac?

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  • Prof.
    Mar 23, 04:59 PM
    And nothing could make me care as I remember the old saying "sticks and stones..." unlike our oversensitive posters. I am in no way in favor of irresponsible behavior or drunk driving, but making tasteless jokes is neither and harms nobody.
    That's not the point, it's about having respect for those who are no longer with us.

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  • rtkane
    Apr 4, 12:23 PM
    This is a silly debate here. Having known trained officers and military people and being related to some I can tell you one thing: they are taught to neutralize the threat. They certainly don't want to but if you hesitate you die. Chest shots are preferable because it's easier to target but head shots sometimes happen. People should be thinking about the guard who will undoubtedly need time to work through this ordeal.

    As a former police officer, I can verify what you're saying--police are trained to "shoot to stop" not shoot to kill and always shoot for center-mass--the largest part of the body (the torso) which provides you the greatest likelihood of hitting your target and stopping the threat. I can almost guarantee that this guy did not fire off a purposeful headshot and everyone playing Monday morning quarterback judging this guy's actions has NEVER been in a situation like it. You don't understand it until you're in it and unfortunately the milliseconds you have to make your decision affect you for the rest of your life.

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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 30, 06:19 PM
    I understand where you are coming from. With your feet planted in set in concrete, unable to fathom future developments based on the experimental or high-end tech of the day, the Blu-Ray seems endlessly of value. Much like the tape reels of the 60s.

    The BluRay is going away for one very specific reason: mechanical. By 2016 the flash memory chips for 50gb will probably be so everyday and cheap that bulky, mechanical BluRay will seem awkward. By 2019 I'd bet you can store several times more than a BluRay on medium-priced thumb-drive.

    Proof? Look back 6 years when a 1gb thumb-drive was a huge chunk of cash. Look back 10 years when a 512MB thumb-drive was almost prohibitive to buy. The future is non-mechanical.

    Absolutely right, as I have demonstrated this over and over again in previous posts. BR (and not BD as Sony wants you to have it) is dead in the water.

    Not only for "mechanical" reasons, but first and foremost for the simple fact that it brings little added value over DVD (contrary to what happened between VHS and DVD back in the day). DVD in both industrialized and developing markets is still KING; just look at the shelves of electronics stores.

    Apple is more than wise to keep its distance from the BR crap.

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  • KingYaba
    Oct 12, 12:25 PM
    That aint Bono!

    5% 10% is something if this red iPod sells.

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  • gnasher729
    Jul 20, 03:43 AM
    But you are right that the thermals of Conroe could be a problem. I'm not sure how much of a difference speed-step will make. Although it is the most power-efficient desktop chip out there, it consumes less power under load than Pentium D's at idle:

    The new version of Speedstep that is available from Yonah upwards seems to be quite good. The operating system can reduce the clockspeed, but at lower clockspeed it can also reduce the voltage, and power consumption is proportional to (clockspeed x voltage x voltage).

    So my idea would be: A control that lets you set "maximum fan noise". If you need to render an hour of video, you should set it to maximum, if you are doing audio recordings with your Mac and want it silent you set it to minimum. That control also shows whether your clockspeed has been throttled, so if you prefer the Mac fast instead of quiet, you can have that as well. So you get the best of both worlds.

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  • logandzwon
    Mar 30, 12:56 PM
    So if Apple losses can they just go and make a really, really crummy, crash prone application that sells MP3, that are encoded really poorly, and is just the most absolutely worst garbage ever and call it, "Da Amazon MP3 and AppStore for Windows and Office" ?

    While I do think Apple's TM should be upheld, I do wish they would change the name themselves.


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  • rtdunham
    Oct 27, 11:16 AM
    For all of Steve Jobs' zen-attitude, vegetarianism, often-proclaimed "do the right thing" stance, and Apple's financial liquidity, there's no reason why other manufacturers can make the change and Apple isn't willing to move in the right direction with their products.

    can anyone--maybe you, true777, since i assume you're making the statement above based on personal knowledge--post pics showing the packaging for a Dell or Gateway or HP notebook computer vs apple's packaging for a comparable product? What about iPod packaging vs that for other MP3 players?

    until we know the differences, it's hard to know where to stand on this issue, and impossible to conclude "there's no reason why other manufacturers can make the hange and apple isn't willing..."

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  • Bengt77
    Sep 5, 10:44 AM
    Read on and be wowed:
    Darn! That article indeed wowed me. Not only what it says, but also (and that is a Good Thing�) the way it says it. The writing style really sucks you in the article. Of course, the products it 'promises' do help to raise the interest meter.

    But, all in all, really good article. :)

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  • Kingsly
    Aug 23, 07:05 PM
    The $100 million settlement grants Apple a license to use Creative's patents in all of its products including the iPod. Also announced is that Creative is joining Apple's "Made for iPod" program, and will be introducing an array of iPod accessories later this year.
    WOW. And I thought hell froze over when bootcamp was introduced...

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  • satcomer
    Mar 23, 06:55 PM
    To me smells of political double cross. These "Senators" are all up for Election in 2012 and don't want to be tried to the alleged ailing of the current Presidential term. So they are trying to win votes of the "mothers" of America that they can talk up on TV (think political adds). They want people to think they are tough on crime, etc and not talk about their voting records.

    Note: After seeing so many Presidential elections I am convinced a person is elected or re-elected based on the current economy. People vote on who they think will help boost the economy. Plus who ever is elected the opposite Political Party will have large gains in the "off year" elections. It happens all the time. :eek:

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  • andiwm2003
    Jul 14, 01:41 PM
    After looking at a chart of all the Core 2 Duo's, it seems like the most reasonable implementation would be to but the 2MB L2 cache Allendale cores into the iMacs (1.86ghz for the 17" and 2.16ghz for the 20") and the 4MB L2cache Conroe cores into the 3 Mac Pros (2.33ghz @ $1999, 2.66ghz @ $2499, and 2.93ghz @ $2999), with possibly and ultra-high end Dual 3.0ghz Woodcrest offering @ $3499 (I don't think economy of scale effects that likleyhood as Apple will already be purchasing them for their entire X-Serve line).

    That's probably how I would roll it out if it were up to me.

    while i agree with you general lineup i don't think the imac goes below 2ghz for marketing reasons.
    i also think the prices for the 2.33 and 2.66 are simply too high. the performance gain will not be that much over the one year old dual core g5's. so the price should go down.

    but in general i would be happy with any 4MB conroe model.

    in a few weeks we will know.

    Apr 11, 03:46 PM
    Yeah, plus medical bills don't bankrupt you personally. I'll take what you've got up there.

    No kidding right?

    My buddy and I went boarding 2 days ago and he dislocated his finger (looked bad as it was all bent funny)

    Anyways, took him to the clinic and was charged 1300 bucks to put it back into place and he doesnt have health insurance

    Heaven forbid one needs surgery or broke a leg or anything more than dislocating a finger....would need a few million stashed away

    crap freakboy
    Sep 12, 02:10 PM
    I was expecting more....but I'm a 'glass half empty' sort of fella

    Sep 4, 06:53 PM
    Not too many details: would this stream movies already downloaded or let you download/view simultaneously (like view on demand)?

    Sep 19, 02:55 PM
    Looks like Unbox is getting slammed by CNN

    Those things really make me feel warm inside, I can't wait until Zune is trashed for the same reasons (doesn't work as promised, DRM, and who knows, overpricing?)

    Sep 14, 04:43 PM
    One thing I noted on the old page 2 thread was the possibility of a REAL Photo iPod - more like my Epson P-4000. It could double as a video player for the new "higher res" iTunes video downloads.

    But back to the photo crowd. Wouldn't it be sweet to have a larger Photo iPod that was integrated into Aperture ...

    1. High speed internal CF and SD card inputs in this larger case

    2. Full support for RAW and RAW zooming

    3. Under a pound / 450 g in weight

    4. Large, bright 640 x 480 screen

    5. Killer feature: Aperture keyword / ranking / stacking functions on the iPod!!

    You're on the road shooting, and traveling light. During breaks you upload your CF/SD cards to the new "Aperture.iPod". When you're sitting in a cafe, back at your hotel, or taking a train home you whip out the Aperture.iPod and using the Keywords.plist you uploaded from Aperture before you left you start Stacking, key-wording, and ranking images.

    Next day you head to your studio, upload the new images from the Aperture.iPod to your MP 3Ghz (w/16 GB RAM and 3 TB of HDs!), and the first pass of your sorting is already done!

    Aperture is SUPPOSED to be about meshing cool software with Apple hardware to make the professional (and dedicated amateur) photographer's life easier. I'm 99% sure this press conference will be about how Aperture and Apple hardware let's you focus on creative shooting, not IT issues.

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